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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


   Sample Test Questions

  • How are the underlined letters pronounced:
  • Write the silent letters in each word on the lines.
  • Circle one word in which the underlined letters are pronounced differently:
  • Write the part of speech of each word (use N, V, Adj, Adv).                  
  • Circle the words in which -er is not a suffix:
  • Circle the word in which -ed is pronounced [t]:
  • Circle the word in which the plural -s or -es is pronounced [iz]:
  • Circle the words that can only be used in the plural: 
  • Write a group noun for each word:
  • Underline the words that have no singular form:
  • Give the singular form of the following.
  • What is the opposite of each word (one word only):
  • For each word give a synonym (one word only):
  • Give the Past Tense of the following verbs:
  • Write the Past Participle next to each verb:
  • Write the type of noun to the right (A, P, Com, Col):
  • Give the meaning of each word in Arabic:
  • What is the American expression for the following:
  • Fill in the blanks with a preposition:
  • In each row, circle the word that is different:
  • Show the difference between each pair by giving the Arabic meaning:
  • Fill in the blank before the word with a verb:
  • Use each word in a complete correct sentence.
  • For each underline phrase, which idom / collocation can be used?
  • Break the following words into their component parts using dashes.
  • Add one or more suffixes to each of the following words.
  • For each situation, use an expression of apology….etc.
  • For each word or phrase in column A, choose a matching one in Column B.
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