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Course number & Code: Najd 118

Course title: Reading I (Level One) / contact hours: 4

Textbook: INTERACTIONS 1/ READING/ 4th edition

Chapters to be covered: 8 to 10 chapters


Content and objectives

Reading I is a pre-intermediate course designed to equip students with the necessary

reading skills through reading and comprehension of a variety of short passages that are

descriptive, expository, and dialogic. Comprehension is stimulated through a variety of

questions and exercises, especially those generating the ability to guess meaning of

words, main ideas in paragraphs and across paragraphs. Text comprehension is followed

by a production activity where students discuss relevant issues and express their opinions.

The vocabulary exercises that follow text reading tasks are meant to enrich students’

vocabulary in semantic fields provided by the texts.


The Reading comprehension course seeks to foster among students the following skills.



Intensive reading

Extensive reading

Varying reading speeds

Understanding word meaning by relying on immediate context in the text

Understanding word meaning by relying on overall meaning in the text

Recognizing main ideas

Recognizing supporting details

Recognizing topic sentences

Making inferences

Weekly schedule

Week 1: Chapter One: School Life Around the World

Text: International Students

Week 2: Chapter One:

Text: College life Around the World

Week 3: Chapter Two: Experiencing Nature

Text: The Powerful Influence of Weather

Week 4: Chapter Two

Text: Global Climate Changes

Week 5:Chapter Three: Living to Eat or Eating to Live?

Text: The Changing Global DiAet

Week 6: Chapter Three: Living to Eat or Eating to Live?

Text: Facts about Food

Midterm Test

Week 7: Chapter Four: In the Community

Text: How can I get to the Post Office?

Week 8: Chapter Five: Home

Text: A Short History of the Changing Family


Vocabulary - 2nd term, 1428/29

Tentative Syllabus Distribution






 16-20/2/1429 Units 8,9,10:Revision:Suffixes;Prefixes;Roots   


 23-27/2 Units 18,19,20:Revision: Words commonly mispronounced;onomatopoeic words;Homonyms   


 30-4/3 Units 30,38:Words that only occure in Plural;Describing people   


 7-11/3 Units 40,41,42: At home;Every day Problems ;Global Problems   


 14-18/3 Units 43,44 Education;Work   


 21-2/3 Units 46,48: The arts ;Food   


 28/3-3/4 Units 50,51: Towns ; The natural World   




 13-17/4 Units 53,54 : Health and Medicine;Travel    


 20-24/4  Units 55,56 : Holidays;Number & Shapes   


 27/4-2/5 Units 59,60 : The Press & The media ;Politics & Public institutions   


 5-9/5 Unit 61 : Crime   


 12-16/5 Unit 62 : Money   


 19-23/5  Unit 63 : Belief & Opinion   


 26-30/5 Revision  Final Start on 7/June/2008

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