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  •     Saudi Arabia - Riyadh PO. B 26813/11496                                      Hana Ali Abdullah AlSuqair



+ (966) 4628130.


+ (966) 4615993.



Current work:

Under the Faculty of Education.






King Saud.


Assistant Professor.




Developmental Psychology.








         PhD in Psychology: Developmental Psychology Faculty of Education Humanities in 1423 AH.

·         Entitled: "sources derive moral judgments and their relation to ethical behavior in students of Faculty of Education"

         Master's Degree in Psychology: Developmental Psychology, King Saud University / Riyadh / 1414 AH.

·         Entitled: "Setting Program for the Development defended the poll to the kindergarten children 5-6 years"

         Bachelor of Arts / Specialization: Sociology, King Saud University / Riyadh / 1404 AH Excellent degree with first class honors.


Functional Expertise


·         Under the Faculty of Education / University of King Saud from 1429 AH.

·         Under the Department of Psychology / University of King Saud from 1426 for a period of three years.

·         Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education / University of King Saud as of 2 / 2 / 1425 AH.

·         Number of years of experience 13 years

·         Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education / Humanities, effective from 5 / 1 / 1425 AH.

·         Lecturer at the Faculty of Education for Girls / Art Departments from 29 / 7 / 1415.



·         Member of the Committee to discuss the establishment of the unity of socio-psychological guidance.

·         Member of the Management Development Committee at the Center for University Studies for Girls in 1427.

·         Research Center of the year 1426-1427 AH.

·         Junior Women's Commission for the organization of women's participation in the seminar (early childhood characteristics and needs) and held on January 15 e 11/1424 AH.

·         Member of the Advisory Committee on non-academic at the College for the year 1418 AH.



Workshops and working papers


         Provide a meeting with directors of primary schools under the supervision of management oversight and guidance in Riyadh 24/11/1428 AH.

         Presenting a workshop in the Department of Student Activities Center of University Studies for Girls, entitled preparing for marriage 22/11/1428 AH.

         Submit a working paper at the scientific meeting of the Education (together about the life assured) and place in the college on 15/1/1425 AH.

         Submit a working paper at the seminar entitled refresher (social and psychological problems of female primary school) on 2/6/1418 AH.



Contributions and Posts


·         Attend meetings of national dialogue related to education and family dialogue.

·         Contributing member of the Organizing Committees of the Whole mark the golden jubilee year.

·         Participate in meetings of the applicability of the test core competencies in the education of girls held in the General Directorate of Measurement and Evaluation in 1424 AH.

·         Participate in the committees’ interview students in the college in 1421 AH.

·         Participation in the monitoring committees for examinations from 1421 to 1425 AH.

·         Co-chair the Second Scientific Symposium entitled (emotional and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents) in the hope that the medical complex on 18 / 8 / 1424 AH.

·         Cost in the agency section in 1419 - 1420 AH.

·         Contribute to the work of the conduct of examinations within the committees to conduct examinations in 1417

·         To contribute to the events and extracurricular activities in the section for the year 1417 AH.

·         Overseeing the custody of the children in the Faculty of Education for Girls for Spring Semester 1415



Educational Scientific Sessions


         Leadership Development Program 1430 Gulf Innovation for Training and Consulting in Saudi Arabia.

         Its role in building and managing teams, 1430 Deanship of Skills Development at King Saud University.

         The performance management cycle subordinates 1429 Deanship of Skills Development at King Saud University.

         Workshop "for the adoption of international standards in accordance with the National Council for the adoption of teacher training colleges that Kate n-cate" 1429 AH Deanship of quality / King Saud University.

         A training course in thinking (Kurt) 1429 AH Department of thought of the advice and training.

         Quality improvement course at the Institutional and programmatic. 1428 The National Organization for Academic Accreditation & Assessment.

         Foundation course at the 1428 Family Therapy Graduate Center in King Fahd Medical City.

         Certified Practitioner in the session Jeravologi 1428 Al Manhal Center.

         A course in practical skills of modern management 1428 Gulf Innovation.

         Play Therapy session 1427 / Royal University for Women in Bahrain.

         Course Certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming 1426 / King Faisal School.

         Management cycle time, 1426 / Institute of Public Administration.

         Session keys to success 1423 / Institute of professional technical.

         Courses in Computer, 1422 / College of Education.

         A course in positive thinking 1421 / institution human capacity.

         Regular training session on effective education 1418 H / Al- Medad kindergarten.