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Curriculum Vitae 

Laila Y. AL-Ayadhi

ليلى يوسف العياضي

(BBMS, MB ChB, PhD) 

Laila Y. AL-ayadhi,

Associate Professor of Neurophysiology

Department of physiology (29)

Faculty of Medicine

King Saud University

P O Box 2925

Riyadh 11461 Saudi Arabia

Fax No. +96614672567


Curriculum Vitae

Name: Laila Y. Al-ayadhi    

Position Title: Associate professor of Neurophysiology and Consultant Applied Neurophysiologist

Marital status : married  






Kuwait University, Kuwait


Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Medical house officer/ New Ayr hospital, Scotland, UK


Surgical house officer/ New Ayr hospital, Scotland, UK


Leicester University , England, UK






Full registration with the British medical council














Bachelor of Basic Medical

Science (BBMS)

Bachelor of medicine and

Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)

General Medicine



General surgery



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

 Current specialization:

Biomedical intervention of Autism spectrum disorders

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)



Inflammation and free radicals


Employment and Administrative History

Employment History:

         1- Associate professor in Neurophysiology, from February 2005 until current

            2- Assistant professor, department of physiology, Faculty of medicine, King Saud University, 10/ 1999 G (18/6/1420) until February 2005

        3- Junior house officer- Internal Medicine- Ayr Hospital- Ayr- Scotland UK (1 /8 / 1992 G)

           4- Junior house officer- General Surgery - Ayr Hospital- Ayr- Scotland UK (1 / 2 / 1993 G


Administrative Assignments:

             1- 211 PSL, Course supervisor, (First year Dental student) 2005, 2006, 2007)

              2- 131 PSL Course supervisor, (First year Medical student, course in General physiology) for three academic years, (2003, 2004)

             3- Head of the female section of the Department, for three years (from 2000-2003)


 Scholarships and Awards:

1- Award from King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Funding project No. LGP- 6- 27, for the period between 15-10- 2002 to 15- 10- 2003.  Title: Studies on the effect of a combination of adenosine A2A receptor agonists and selective type IV phospho-diesterase  (type IV PDE) inhibitors on neutrophil respiratory burst and rat’s paw edema

2- Award from King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Funding project No. LGP- 7- 33, for the period between 10-11- 2004 to 10- 11- 2005. Titel: Study of trace elements in the hair from autistic, autistic like and control children of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh area

3- Award from Deanship of Scientific Research, King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Funding project No.DSR 17, for the period between 1-4- 2004 to 1- 4- 2006.  Title: A study of neuroendocrin & electrophysiological brainstem auditory evoked potential patterns in Saudi children in Riyadh area


Academic services

1-     Supervisor for a PhD degree ((Study of Heavy metals, trace elements, and free radicals in Alzheimer's patients in Riyadh Area , Saudi Arabia), from 2005

2-     Supervisor for Master degree  ((study of Oxidative stress biomarkers in autistics in Saudi Arabia)), 2007


Participation  in Conferences, Symposia and Other Activities:


Participation in conferences and symposia

1-     Laila A-ayadhi, Ali Altuwajri, A. bekairi. Ischemia- Reperfusion on acute inflammation of the joint in rats: Experimental model, Medical science symposium.  January, 2000, USA. (Poster)

2-     Year 2001 Epilepsy workshop for health care professionals, King Faisal Specialist hospitals, 4 April- 2001 (10 Muharam 1222 (Attendance).

3-     Medical education workshop-Assessment, King Khaled University Hospital, 27 0ctober 2002(21 Shaban 1223),Attendance

4-     Year 2003 Epilepsy update for health care professionals, King Faisal Specialist hospitals, 21-22 September- 2003 (24-25 Rajab 1224 (Attendance).

5-     Muscular Dystrophy and Related conditions, King Faisal Specialist hospitals, 29-30 September- 2003 (3-5 Shaban 1224 (Attendance)

6-     The Seventh Symposium of New Technology and its Effect on Human and Environment, King Saud University, 1423 (Attendance, preparation committee for the symposium)

7-     Clinical nutrition symposium, Security Force Hospital, Riyadh (14-15 March 2004)

8-     The first international symposium on Autism and Neurodevelopmental disorders 25-28 September 2004). Presentation: Mumps, Rubella, Measles and Myelin Basic Protein serology in autistic children in Riyadh area.

9-     Surgical and Medical aspects of Neurendocrine disorders, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 3-4 2007



Membership of Scientific Associations:

          1- Fully registered with the British General Medical Council (GMC) 1993

          2- Member of the British neurosciences association (BNA) 2004

          3- Member of the Saudi Pediatric association (SPA) 2004

          4- Member of cure Autism Now (CAN) 2004

          5-Member of the Saudi Pediatrics Association

          6- Listed with Marquis Whose Who in the world for 2005, 2006,2007


The researcher is trained in the following aspects:

1-     Extracellular and intracellular recording techniques from smooth muscle cells

2-     Mechanical contraction recording techniques from smooth muscle cells

3-     Histochemical staining techniques under light and electron microscopy

4-     Measurement and analysis of free radicals production from whole blood and white blood cells.

5-     Measurement and analysis of inflammation in vivo (rat paw edema)

6-     Measurement and analysis of pyrexia in vivo

7-     Measurement of hormones from blood samples using ELIZA


University and Community Service:


1-     Public lecture (Is it possible to solve the Puzzle—AUTISM), SPECIAL ACADEMY, Riyadh – 12 -10- 1424

2-     Public lecture (Cause and Theories on Autism), Autism Center, Riyadh – 12 -10- 1424

3-     Group therapy for mothers with Autistic children Group training on the internet to mother of Autistic children on how to obtain recent information on Autism.

4-     Global reviewer for the Saudi Medical Journal

5-     Pulic lecture ( The result of the first Medical study on autism in Riyadh area , Saudi Arabia), April 2006, King Faisal Specialist Hospital

6-     Public lecture (oxidative stress and autism), Azzam Autism center, January 2007

7-     Offering free of charge Biomedical Medical intervention consultation for Autistic



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