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Course 283   دوىPhysiology

Deapartement of Physiology

King Saud University

Femal Section


Physiology for Pharmacy student



This booklet contains the programmes for the academic year 1424-1425 providing information regarding the lectures, practical sessions and tutorials. It also gives the timetable of various  assessments including regular quizzes, continuous assessments and final examinations, all of which contribute to your grade at the end of the year.

 You are strongly advised to:-


1-      Attend your lectures, practicals and tutorials.  They are there for your benefit.  Do not skip any of the quizzes.  They are designed to check whether you are coping adequately with the course or are having difficulties with particular topics and are lagging behind. Their marks also have a wightage in your final grade.


2-      Make sure, as soon as possible, after a lecture or practical, that you have understood the objectives of that session.  If you can do this on the same day as the lecture or practical so much the better.


3-      Actively participate in the practicals whenever possible.  Most students find that they can understand the topic more easily if they are the subjects for the experiments in the laboratory.  Please read the practical notes before coming to the laboratory (sometimes it is possible to read about a topic before attending a lecture!  This is highly recommended, as it will help you understand the topic better.


4-      Be careful and not depend solely on handouts.  If you have the time to write a few notes of your own, as well as read the recommended textbook, you will find the topics will be easier to understand.  If you are having any difficulties, ask a member of staff for help.  Do not be shy!  All the teaching staff are approachable and will be happy to answer your questions.






1st  ContinuOUS Assessement                                              =          10 marks

Quizzes (2)                                                                                     =          10 marks

Mid-term examination (comprehensive)                  =          20 marks


Final examination                                                                                    60

 TOTAL MARKS FOR THE YEAR  ------------- =       100


                                                LIST OF RESOURCE PERSONS








·        Human Physiology and Mechanism of Disease by

(Guyton and Hall)                                                                                                                    

·        Human Physiology by

(Stuart Ira Fox)

·        Review of Medical Physiology by (Ganong)                                           

·        Concise Human Physiology by

(M.Y. Sukkar)


                                                                 LECTURE SCHEDULE



After an introduction by the Chairman of Department and the Course Organizer the following lecture courses will be presented:


  1. Introduction to physiology                                                             
  2. Gastrointestinal physiology                                                
  3. Renal and acid-base physiology                                        
  4. Endocrinology                                                                       
  5. Central Nervous System and the Special Senses            .          








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