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Curriculum Description


(333 Curri) Introduction to Teaching.

Curriculum No. and Code


333 Curri

Curriculum Name


Introduction to Teaching

Curriculum Units



Previous Requirements



Equivalent Curriculum



Curriculum User


Bachelor Female Students

Identification and Description of Curriculum (in brief)


General Curriculum provided by Curricula and Teaching methods Department to AU female students of Educational undergraduate in the College of Education. It high lights on the comprehensive requirements of Teaching Profession.



To provide a student a comprehensive idea of teaching profession.



1.      Education concept and teaching concept

2.      Teaching profession and its significance to the community.

3.      Ethics of teaching profession.

4.      Teacher's roles.

5.      Morales of teacher and learner in Islam.

6.      Towards teaching profession.

7.      Education objectives in the Kingdom.

8.      Teaching requirements.

9.      Using certain tools in teaching.

Main References


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2.      Hamdan, Mohammed Zayed, Dialogue and Class Questions arousing thought in education, Modern Education Daar, Jordan, 1998.

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