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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Description of Field Education Curriculum:

460 field Educational Methodology – Religious Science (12 Practical Units)


          The field education in Religious Science aims at meeting the following objectives:

1.     Allowing the opportunities for female students to train on teaching this subject under a close educational, guidance and technical supervision.

2.     To allow the female trainee to see the possibility of applying the theories and concepts taught in the theoretical curricula prepared for teaching.

3.     To be trained on preparing in writing the lessons and to implement its plan.

4.     To learn how to write the questions addressed to the students and how to act upon hearing the responses.

5.     To be familiar with teaching situations of religious subjects inclusive various factors and changes.

6.     To see the problems encounting her training plans and the ways to overcome.

7.     To know the none class activities in Islamic Education and the way to apply such type.

Important Notice:

          A female student is advised to register the field education during the period defined by teaching methods and curricula department prior proceeding to training school, and to follow closely the registration process, for these having one or two subjects, on one day. A student has to adhere with the instructions of distribution specified by a department.

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