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GEO 555 : Hydrogeology Advanced

(2+1) credit-hours

Study of the climatic factors that affect the aquifer recharge.  Estimation of the amount of recharge reaching the saturated zone.  Determination of the physical properties which control the flow through aquifers, such as porosity, permeability, hydraulic, conductivity, and storage.  Analysis of pumping test data.  Study of the partial differential equation that describe ground water flow through porous medium.  Solving the flow equation by using numerical methods and simple computer models.  Study of the chemicals dissolved in war and their thermodynamic equilibrium status in order to solve some related problems.

Course Goals and Objectives :

The main objective of this graduate course is to give the student an advance knowledge of groundwater hydrology , including aquifer parameters . climate effect on aquifer recharge , groundwater flow , thermodynamics and groundwater quality , pollution .


Applied  Hydrogeoloy  ,4 th. edition ,  by  C.W. Fetter , Macmillan College  publishing. Inc ., New York , NY .

Course Grading :

Exam 1              30%

Qizzes                10%

Lab exam           10%

Final  exam          50%


                             Tentative Schedule of Lectures


Lecture 1              Aridity and the climate effect on groundwater recharge with

                             more emphesis on Saudi arabia .

Lecture 2              hydrologic cycle and groundwater interaction.

Lecture 3              Subsurface zones of saturation and unsaturation.

quizz 1

Lecture 4-6              Type of aquifers , groundwater occurance .

Lecture 7-9               Aquifer charactristics , such as porosity , permeability , and


Lecture 10-13                Groundwater flow in different media , Darcy law , flow


Quizz 2

lecture 14-18                    Groundwater balance equation . Fundamentals of

                                        groundwater planning and management.

Lecture 19-21                   groundwater quality .


Lecture 22 -25                  Water pollution

Final exam                  include all topics studied through out the semester

Lab exam                 will include  numerical and analytical problems .also some lab 


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