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Curriculum Vitae


 Personal Data:

Name:  Professor Sahl ben Refaa ben Sohil Al-Rouqy Al-Oteiby             
University: Saud King in Riyadh 
Faculty : Education 
Department : Islamic Studies 
Scientific Grade : Associated professor  
Work Telephone:  44674526
Date of Birth : 26/1/1987
Facsimile : 44674734
Email :
Specialization : Islamic Creed and Modern Doctrines

Qualifications :

 -          B.A., college of Shariah in Riyadh, Al Emam Mohamed Ben Saud University 1409 H, 1989 G.

-          M.A., college of Usul Al-Deen in Riyadh, Al Emam Mohamed Ben Saud University, 1415 H, 1994 G with dissertation title: "Sunnis, Islamic community and dissenters"  

-          Ph.D., (Honors) of Usul Al-Deen in Riyadh, Al Emam Mohamed Ben Saud University, 1423 H, 2002 G with dissertation title "hearts works – their rules and origin at Sunnis, Islamic community and dissenters".  It was under the supervising of Sheikh Abdul Rahman ben Nasser Al-Barrak, and the discussion of Sheikh Adulaziz ben Abdullah Al-Sheikh His Eminence the Mufti, and Dr. Nasser ben Abdul Kerim AL-Aql. 

 Specialties :

 Islamic studies, Islamic creed, Islamic groups, modern doctrines, religions, civilization dialogue, the curricula of predecessors' scientists in Islamic creed and refuting religious delinquents, sects and religions modern intellectual doctrines.


Committees and Scientific Seminars participated in:

1. International conference about: religious education curriculum in the Islamic world (the challenges and the expectations)- international Islamic university in Malaysia, international institute for the Islamic united nation in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia in the period 2/8/1426 H corresponding to 6 September 2005 G to 3/8/1426 H corresponding to 7 September 2005 G.
Participation with research with title "Discourse curriculum – its features and effects on religious education curricula in the world"

2. International conference about the position of Islam from the terrorism: Al Emam Mohamed Ben Saud University, 1-3/ Rabi Al-Awaal 1425 H to 20-22 April 2004 G. Attending

3. Globalization and Islamic personality, Saud King University, 1425 H, Attending.

4. Eleventh international conference of philosophy- Islamic sciences curriculum between imitation and renewing- third episode- with title: "intellectual trend in Islamic Philosophy. Cairo, Egypt from 20/3/1427H corresponding to 18 April/ 2006 G to 21/3/1427 H corresponding to 19/April 2006 G. Organizing party: Islamic philosophy department, Darelom, Cairo university.
Participation with research with title "intellectual trend and its effect in modern Muslims life".

5. International conference about Islam and the west, bridges and barriers in international Islamic university, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, organizing party: the international institute of Islamic united nation in the Islamic university in Malaysia from 12/8/1427 H corresponding to 5 September 2006 G to 14/8/1427 H corresponding to 7 September 2006 G.
Participation with research with title: "polytheist cordiality and philanthropy to him, methodical study"

6. Seminar about dialogue with other in Islamic thought. Sharjah university, Shariah and Islamic Studies college. United Arab Emirates from 28/3/1428 H to 30/3/1428 H corresponding to 16/4/2007 – 18 /4/2007.
Participation with research with title " Dogmatic rules and controls of the dialogue with non-Muslims"

7. International conference about the Islamic women position in modern societies: facts and expectations – international Islamic university in Malaysia in the period 1-3 Shaaban 1428 H corresponding to 14-16 August 2007 G, Attending.

8. International conference about information techniques crimes and national security holding in Riyadh 22-25 Shawaal 1428 H
Participation with research with title: "The Mosque Role in enlightenment of information techniques crimes and limiting them".


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