Curriculum Vitae


Name    : Massouda Qurban

Degree  : M A college of Education, Riyadh University

Job Title: Lecturer at Education College- KSU



-      Course in Flower Arrangement in Taiwan 1416 H.

-      Course in How to use different Raw materials in Cairo- 1418 H.

-      Course in Water drawing by Specialized Professors.

-      A number of courses in the Plastic Arts and Metal Shaping.


Participating in Committees:

-      A member in Arbitration Committee in the contest of lilies for flowers for fifth continuous years (1998-2003).

-      From 1998-1999: At the Dutch Embassy in Riyadh.

-      From 2000- 2003: At Twaig Building  in Diplomatic Quarter- Riyadh.

-      Arbitration Committee Member for Al-Jazeera Girl Hobbies Festival, King Abdulaziz Library-2002.

-      Teaching several course at Al-Nahda Society- the Officers Club- King saud University.


Housing Club- The History Museum:

-      Al-Riyadh Artists Member.

-      Bones Weakness Society Member.


Internal Participations:

-      Teaching Staff Exhibition, Art Education Section- KSU, Riyadh- 1415H.

-      1st, 2nd and 3rd Hobbies Festival at the Women's Committee for the World Forum of the Islamic Youth (1412-1413-1414H).

-      Handicapped Care House Festival ( the 1st and 2nd ), Riyadh.

-      Exhibitions, of the Art Education Section, KSU, Riyadh for the years ( 1417-1418-1419H).

-      The Plastic Art Exhibition of Al-Janadriyah Culture (13th) Festival (13) in 1418H.

-      The Plastic Art Exhibition (14) of Al-Janadriyah Culture Festival (14) in 1419H on the occasion of the Millenium celebrations where she obtained the Possession Prize.

-      The Plastic Art Exhibition for Al-Janadriyah Culture Festival (15) in the years 1420-1421-1422H.

-      The First Exhibition for the Saudi Girl Artists, Riyadh Region under care of Al-Aqariyah Company, 1419H.

-      Exhibition of Honouring the Artist/ Mohammad Al-Saleem- Culture palace, Riyadh, 1419H.

-      Saudi Plastic Artist Exhibition on occasion of passing one hundred years on establishment of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Riyadh 1419H- and she got a Position Prize.

-      The First personal exhibition accompanying with seminar of academic teacher development of University studies centre- King Saud University-1420H.

-      Fifteenth Contemporary Saudi's Gallery in Riyadh 1420H and she got a Position Prize.

-      Eighteenth properties exhibition of plastic artist in Riyadh and she got a Position Prize.

-      Collective exhibition of Art Department teachers in King Saud University, 1420H.

-      The Second Plastic Artist Exhibition in Riyadh- AlMenhal 2000AD.

-      Plastic Art  Exhibition on occasion of establishment memory of King Abdulaziz Historical Centre in Riyadh, 1420H.

-      Collective Gallery of Saudi Women Plastic artists in Riyadh-2000.

-      Plastic Art Creativity Gallery held in the occasion of Choosing as Culture Capital in the year 2000.

-      The 16th Saudi Contemporary Art Gallery in Riyadh and I got a Prize.

-      Saudi Regions Gallery 1421H in Riyadh and I got a Prize.

-      Saudi Coloring Woman for the year 2001 and I got an Appreciation Certificate.

-      Saudi Coloring Woman for 2003 and I got an Appreciation Certificate.

-      The First Women Plastic Artists Gallery 2002 in Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Hall.

-      Exhibition for kingdom Regions in 1422 in Riyadh which got the price of Possession.

-      Collective Exhibition accompany to Seminar the University's roll to develop human skills in King Saud University in 1423H.

-      Exhibition of Contemporary Saudi Art in the 17th of 1422H in Riyadh which got the prize of Possession.

-      Exhibition of Al-Janadriyah Festival in 1423-1424H which got Appreciative Certificate and the Prize of Possession.

-      The Second Exhibition of Plastic Artists in 1424H the Second Level winner.


External Participations:

-      Cultural Saudi Exhibition in Lebanon- Glass Hall- In the Occasion of Selection Beirut as Capital of Arab Culture in 1999.

-      Cultural Exhibition for OBIC countries in Caracas- Venezuela- 2000.

-      Cultural Exhibitionin Taiwan- 2000.

-      Cultural Exhibition in Oman – 2001.


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