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أسئلة شائعة


Dr. Mohamed Al-Soheim Researches Briefs


1.     Paraphrase of the best meanings of Shaibani  approach (master dissertation)


Shaibani  approach  (master dissertation); it is a text deals with dogmatic questions solving in addition to paraphrase written by Najm Al-Din Mohammed ben Abdullah Al- known as Ibn Al-Kadi Aglon

2.     Muslims of the people of the Book and their effects in defense of Quran issues (doctorate dissertation).

It deals with a group of Muslims of the people of the book that have a defending position for Islam and criticizing their religions.  The research found out their proofs, organized, and classified them according to the dissertation. 

3.     The Minimum torture: its fact, types and reasons.      

The Brief:

This research deals with the lower torture fact mentioned in Al-Sajdah Surah, verse 21, Allah say" And verily We make them taste the lower punishment before the greater, that haply they may return.", and its types and reasons. This research includes the statement of lower torture and that this torture was in the old nations for disobedient.  Its types are a lot. Some of them are in life, other in the grave. This torture is also varied. It may be a destructive earthquake, or destructive wind, string illness, metamorphosed or sinking down or others.


This research also indicates that the reasons of torture are a lot as polytheism, prayer leaving, sodomy, adultery, heresy, sowing dissension and others mentioned in this research. Through this research, it is indicated that the reason was the torture and punishment. When the reason is public the punishment is public "your lord never wrongs his worshipers"

It is indicated also that some promised torture is not a past case but  a real fact and should happened as the prophet sworn that some of its types will occurs before the doomsday if its reasons happened. He indicated in other cases that torture comes definitely and woe unto catch them!   

4.     Islamic – Christianity dialogue, Its history and goals and Shariah position 

The Brief:

This research indicated the importance of the dialogue and that it comes from different points that cannot be accepted without Shariah approval with knowledge of its goals, purposes and benefits.  The researcher shows in this research that Islam urges the dialogue according to Shariah which achieve Islam spreading and calls people to right and defends Islam and refutes suspicions. It makes justice over injustice.

The research deals also with the history of the dialogue between Islam and Christianity. It shows that this history passed different periods, levels and two stages.  The second stage includes an invitation to bridge the gab between Islam and Christianity. This point was the reason for many conferences in this regard. The Christians were the side that invited to these conferences. The most benefits was achieved by Christians.    

The researcher indicated according to his point of view the Shariah view in these conferences and dialogues. And that the dialogue aims calling to Islam and defending it with achieving the peaceful living according to Shariah controls is not bad. The fourth point relating to the religious approximation is not permissible according to the research.

5.     Shining lighthouses (a study and comment)


This book Authorized by Mohamed Zaki Al-Din Al- Najar. He was Christian, then he entered Islam and wrote his experiment and the proofs he found out and was the reason to be Muslim.  After that, the researcher wrote his comments and studied it then edited and printed.  This book published for the first time in Riyadh by Cairo university, Darelom college in Egypt. Then published by Dar Alam Al-Kotob in Riyadh. 


6.     The holy mosques glorifying (a study depend on the texts of old and new testament)

 This research has texts from old and new Testament.  It is a research deals with answering the suspicion of why Muslims prohibit others from the holy mosques although Jews and Christians ahs books similar to ours. They are so strict in this issue. The researchers participated in an occasion in Mecca, the capital of Arab cultures in 1426 H that supervised by Umm Al-Qura university.  He was an arbitrator there. His research is published and printed by the author in Arabic and he translated it to English and French

7.     Islam and its origins and principles

It is a book for non- Muslims calling them to Islam. It depends on the proofs without the extending that get the readers away of the truth.  This book is translated and printed in many languages: English, Korean, and Turkish, Philippine. It has not copyright. So any one can copy it in condition of coordination with the competent entity that translated the book because the translation has a copyright.  This book is translated into English by Al-Badeya foreign communities office and by Al-Salam publishing in Riyadh. It is printed in Philippine by  Al-Badeya foreign  communities office and Korean by Islamic donations fund

8.     Christianity (the  root and the fact)

It is a very brief dissertation depends on the comparing of Christianities doctrines.  It shows to the reader that a lot of their sects different from their book.   This dissertation achieved good sense and translated to many languages like English, Philippine and Spanish and translated to these languages by many associations.  It has no copyright. So it could be printed in condition of coordination with the competent entity that translated the book because the translation has a copyright

9.     Learning from our faults

It is a research deals with some kinds of educators faults and how to treat them. Published and printed tow times.

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