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1)      Meeting of European Association for study of Diabetes (EASD) Whittaker J, Hammond V, Al-Attas O.S., Alberti KGMM, Insulin interaction with hepatocytes: Evidence for ligand stimulated acceleration pinocytosis., Amsterdam. 1982.


2)      British Diabetic Association (BDA) Meeting                              

      Al-Attas O.S., Taylor R, whittaker JA. Comparison of methods for the preparation of purified insulin receptor., Dublin 1982.


3)      The 2nd National Meeting of Chemists                                                 

       Al-Attas O.S.; Insulin receptor and insulin action., King Saud University . Riyadh, 1987.


4)       The 2nd National Meeting of Chemists.

       Al-Attas O.S., Laajam MA, Khan Ms, Al-Drees AZ Salman H. beta cell function in newly diagnosed Saudi diabetic patients., King Saud University. Riyadh 1987.


5)      International conference on Medical Science kwait 1990. 

     A- Al-Attas O.S., Laajam MA, Khan MS, Al-Drees AZ, Vigo N. Residual beta function in newly diagnosed diabetic patient in Saudi Arabia.


B- Al-Okail M.S., Al-Attas O.S., Vigo NT; Characterization of insulin receptor interaction in Saudi diabetic pregnancy.


C-Laajam MA, Jim LK, El Bolbol, Bashi SA, Al-Khayal LA, Al-Attas O.S., Sulimani RA, Guar gum in non-insulin dependent diabetic patients mellitus: A double blind crossover placebo control trail in Saudi Arabian patients.


               6)   The 1st Arab-African Conference  on Clinical Biochemistry – Syria 1994

Al-Attas O.S., Al Taib, Al-Nuaim A, Al-Okail, Al Dagheri NM, Vigo N, Bukoir A, Khan T, Marie ME, Hassonah H. Prospective study on the etiology of gestational diabetes mellitus.


             7)  The 1st international workshop on Gestational Diabetes in

                      GCC countries – Riyadh , K.S.A 1995

   Al-Attas O.S., Effect of Some A Etiological Factors on insulin Target sensitivity in GDM  and women high risk of developing it.


                 8) The 11th Asian conference on Endocrinology-Seul, Korea 1998

Al-Attas O.S., Effect of Pregnancy on Insulin Receptor Binding in Gestational diabetes Mellitus.


              9) The 15th International meeting on chemistry Education-Cairo,

                        Egypt 1999

A- Al-Attas O.S., al Nuaim A, Al Rubeaan K, Al Dagheri NM. Clinical biochemistry role in diabetes mellitus in Saudi Arabia.


B- Al Dagheri NM, Al-Attas O.S., Al  Nuaim A, Sulimani R. Iodine determination in urine, water and Arabic staple foods: A comparative evaluation of iodine selective electrode, Calorimetric and HPLC methods.


  The 3rd International Meeting on Diabetes Mellitus in west

                      pasific countries – Hong Kong 1997

Al-Attas O.S., Al-Dagheri, effect of some etiological factors on insulin target sensitivity in GDM and women at risk of development it.


                11) The 1st International Congress on “PREDIA ETES’ and The Metabolic Syndrome – Berlin- Germany 2005.

                        Al-Attas O1, Al-Daghri N1, Al-Rubian K1, Kumar S2, Jones AF2. Honocystein levels in Saudis with Impaired Glucose Tolerance Test and Diabetes Mellitus


                12) The 4th Asian Congress of Dietetics – Manila- Philippine 2006.

                        Al-Attas O, Al-Daghri N, K Al-Rubean, Bartlett WA, Martin SC, Kumar S, Jones AF. Fasting Plasma Homocysteine concentration is Higher in Elderly People and Associated with Glucose in the Metabolic Syndrome.


                13) The 15th European Congress on Obesity – Budapest – Hungary 2007.

Al-Attas Omar. Adipocytokine profile in metabolic syndrome as by various criteria.



               1(  The 2nd International Symposium on Insulin Action and Insulin

                      Receptor – Rome, Italy 1983

Al-Attas O.S., Taylor R, Whittaker J, Aberti KGMM, Cooperative and non-cooperative insulin binding sites in rat liver membranes.


               2) Symposium on Diabetes Mellitus – Riyadh, K.S.A 1986

Laajam MA, Al-Attas O.S., Khan MS, Al Drees AZ. Clinical characteristics and C-peptide status in 200 newly diagnosed Saudi diabetics



               3) The 2nd Symposium on Gestational Diabetes International,

                     Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Hospital – Riyadh, K.S.A- Nov. 1993

Al-Attas O.S., Al Taib, Al Nuaim A, Al Okail M, Al Dagheri NM, Vigo N, Bukair A, Khoga T, Marie M, Hassonah M. prospective study on the etiology of gestational diabetes mellitus.  


                 4)  The 2nd and 3rd Diabetes Education Course , January 1995     

                       Diabetic Center, College of Medicine , King Abdulaziz University

                       Hospital,Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Al-Attas O.S., Monitoring diabetes patients part III venous blood testing, HbAIc and frucosamine.


                5)  International Symposium – diabetes in pregnancy in Arab 

          Gulf Countries , King Fahad Hospital –National Guard 1995

                      Effect of some a Etiological Factors on Insulin Target Sensitivity in

                      GDM and women at high risk of developity it.


                6) The 11th Asia – Oceania Congress of endocrinology – Seuol,

                     Korea 1998

                     Al-Attas O.S, Effect of pregnancy on insulin recepter binding in

                     gestationanl diabetes mellitus.


                7) The 15th meeting for Chemistry Education

                 ( Aen shams University – Cairo, Egypt 1998 )


            8) The 21th symposium of the federation of the inernational donau-symposia of diabetes mellitus. Riga- Latvia-2006.

                    Al-Attas O, Al-Daghri N. Plasma resistin and leptin levels in male and female normal subjects:correlations with fat mobilization.




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