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Dental Hygiene Program

Course Descriptions



DEH 213 Oral Biology (1+1)
Topographic description of the mouth, lip, tongue with its covering specialized mucosa. Salivary glands, number, classification, function and structure of saliva. Histological structure of buccal mucosa and classification of oral mucosa. In the practical the student will see under the microscope the dental tissues and investing the surrounding structures as well as the periodontal ligaments. The different types of salivary glands (sub-lingual, submandibular and parotid glands).

DEH  214 Dental Anatomy (3+1)
Introduction and nomenclatures in dentistry. General description of the tooth crown, root, pulp and periodontium. Surface anatomy of the tooth, elevation and depressions. Study of development of teeth  through its different stages. Description of the relationships between upper and lower teeth (occlusion). Head and neck anatomy, temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication. Study of the normal physiologic forms of the teeth for their natural protection. In practical the students will do some models for some teeth by carving them in wax.

DEH 215 Oral Pathology (2+1)
Study of the diseases affecting the gingiva and periodontium. Dental caries: Classification, clinical appearance, causes, types of bacteria. Developmental anomalies: hare lip, bifid tongue, dental anomalies. White lesions affecting the oral mucosa and ulcers. Some organic diseases and their reflection on the internal appearance of the oral cavity. e.g. Epilepsy and its medication. Infectious diseases e.g. tuberculosis, mumps, hepatitis, AIDS. Oral cancer and Dental Tumours.

DEH 241 Introduction to Dental Hygiene (1+1)
Introduction and definitions in dentistry. How to make the students familiar with Dental Hygiene, the clinics and clinical rules. Knowledge of duties of the dental hygienists as a member of the dental team. Ethics and jurisprudence in the field of dental hygiene. Personal hygiene of the students. Precautions for prevention of disease transmission in the Dental Clinic. The order in the clinic and the dental hygiene instrumentation will be introduced to the students. How to take care of the instruments and sterilization.

DEH 351 Management of Dental Practice (2+0)
A overview of the management of dental practice. Lectures will cover the planning of dental facilities resource application, personnel and budget management, organizing and patient scheduling recall systems, dental records management, inventory control, budgeting the staff/patient interaction.



DEH 216 Oral Medicine (1+0)
Clinical oral diseases are classified into: disease caused by bacteria and their treatment and diseases caused by viruses and their treatment. Clinical precautions for transmission of these diseases. Tumors are classified into benign or malignant and their origin. Salivary gland diseases and treatment. Ulcers affecting the oral mucosa, appearance and way of treatment. The students will be familiar with these different diseases when he will watch many slides for most of the previously mentioned diseases specially their clinical appearance.

DEH 242 Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene (1+1)
How to make a Case History. Dental hygiene instrumentation, study of each instruments, feature design, usages in the practical. The students learn on a Phantom head the right way of sitting during treatment, how to remove some calculus from different segments.

DEH 252 Emergencies in Dental Practice (2+1)
Presents principle of prevention and management of dental office emergencies, including practice in taking and recording vital signs and patient histories and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

DEH 321 Dental Materials (1+1)
This course is designed to provide the students with a basic understanding of those material used in fabrication of dental appliances. Emphasis will be placed a material composition, physical and mechanics and "fitness for purpose".

DEH 343 Preventive Dentistry (2+0)
Philosophy and practice of prevention in dentistry, emphasis on  diet, and nutrition, the use of fluorides, regular visits to the dentist and effective home care procedures.

DEH 345 Pharmacology (2+0)
A basic overview of pharmacology including drug categories, drug actions, drugs interactions and adverse drugs reactions. Particular emphasis on those drugs used in dentistry.



DEH 344 Preventive Dentistry 2 (1+1)
Clinical study and practice of oral prophylactic procedures, emphasis on areas of particular concern including the knowledge and understanding necessary plan preventive programs, to educate individual patients in the practice of effective preventive dentistry and to practice diet analysis and counselling procedures.

DEH 346 Clinical Hygiene I (1+3)
A clinical study and practice of oral prophylaxis techniques; proficient use of scalers and curettes, patients education and counselling procedures.

DEH  348 Dental Health Education (1+1)
Relationship between human behaviour and health, nature of mental, physical and social health. Communication theory, cognitive and effective development, motivation, attitude change and techniques of persuasion. Principle of program design and evaluation. Techniques in health education (educational technology), professional practice, and a system approach to dental health education, behaviour changing and self evaluation.

DEH 361 Dental Radiography (2+1)
Introduction and basis of X-ray production and its physical properties and usage of X-ray in Dentistry. Biologic effect of x-rays on the human body when exposed to x-rays. Sensitive parts of the human body to x-rays Dental films, types, composition processing in the dark room in the practical. The students will learn how to expose dental films on patients in dental college.

DEH 462 Dental Laboratory Procedures (1+1)
Lectures and laboratory instruction in basic dental laboratory techniques covering base plates and occlusal rims, simple denture repairs, construction of study for orthodontic purposes, cast construction and waxing single unit restorations.



DEH 347  Clinical Hygiene II  (1+3)
Continuation of clinical study and practice including the treatment of the special patient populations, introduction to the ultrasonic scaling devices individualized patient counselling and management.

DEH 445 Community Dentistry (2+2)
A lecture and laboratory course that covers epidemiology and bio-statistical principles of dental disease. Emphasis will be placed on the dental hygienist role in the community as an advocate of health education and dental care. Laboratory sessions will be required the students to develop and present programs in community dentistry for school children, the aged as well as the general population.

DEH 454 Dental Assisting (2+1)
Introduction in dental assisting. Definition of different types of assistants in the dental team. Different Specialties in Dentistry. The students take a brief idea on each specialty and the role of the dental assistant in each. In Oral surgery, operative dentistry, endodontics and the causes of pulp injuries, in Orthodontics, Prosthodontics. Charting and how to register the information dictated by the dentist. In the practical sessions the students will be able to assist the dentist (four handed technique) Mix the dental materials and how to sterilize the instruments in the sterilizing center and how to care of them.

DEH 473 Oral Hygiene and Hospital in Patient (1+1)
Definitions and classification of different hospitalized patients. Oral hygiene and general medicine. Oral hygiene and cardiovascular patients. Oral hygiene and kidney diseases patients. Oral hygiene and pulmonary diseases patients. Oral hygiene and intensive care patients. Diabetics mellitus, traffic accidents, fractures and oral hygiene care. In the practical part, the student go to the hospital and teach the nursing staff how to care with the oral hygiene of the hospitalized patients, the student will educate the patients the way of prevention of oral and dental diseases.



DEH 442 Clinical Dental Hygiene III (0+3)
Continuation of Clinical Dental Hygiene.

DEH 461 Advanced Dental Radiography (1+1)
Revision of DEH 361 contents as introduction. Knowledge of techniques of X-ray taking for each part of the oral cavity and teeth separately. The student will learn the relationships of X-ray in each branch of dentistry. Comparison of normal landmarks in any X-ray and some Dental cases which appear on a film in the practice. The student will be able to make some radiographs and he must submit them.

DEH 471 Oral Hygiene and Removable Prosthodontics (1+1)
Lecture and clinical instruction in the relationship of partial denture design and oral health. Construction of the different types of denture cleansers available and their application on acrylic or metal dentures.

DEH 474 Oral Hygiene and Community Dentistry (1+1)
Concentrated experience on the specific needs of the community groups.



DEH 453 Clinical Practice III (0+4)
The technique of cleaning, polishing and scaling teeth and the application of prophylactic solutions to the teeth, performed in extramural clinical facilities in each of the dental specialties. The role of dental educator will be an essential feature of their service element.

DEH 472 Oral Hygiene and Young Patients (1+1)
Introduction in oral health problems in children, and how to deal with in normal child. Handicapped children, definition of handicaps and classification and different methods to take are of oral health in cerebral palsy child or acquired handicaps during labor. Oral health in children with orthodontic appliances (fixed or removable). In the practical session student will do preventive sealants and topical fluoride application.

DEH 491 Seminar (1+1)
Principles and methods of preventive dentistry, clinical case studies, nutritional counselling and dieting analysis, dental specialties and general practice. Current research and development in preventive dentistry.


Prepared By: Nuha E. Ahmad & Hadeel M. Ayoub

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