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Name: Mishari I. Almishari

Current Address:  3701 Parkview ln 15B, Irvine, CA, 92612, USA


Fall 2006 (pursuing) PhD in Computer science, UC Irvine (G.P.A 3.95/4)

Aug, 2004 - May, 2006: M.S. in Computer Science, University of Southern California, USA (G.P.A 4/4)

Sep, 1996 - June, 2001: B.S. in Computer Science , King Saud University, Saudi Arabia  (G.P.A 4.81/5)


Academic Achievement from USC Office of International Services, Spring, 2006

First Class Honor Award from King Saud University, June, 2001

2nd Best Graduation Project in a competition organized by Advanced Electronic Company, Riyadh,  2001


2001 - 2003 Systems Engineer, Medunet, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2003 - Now Teaching Assistant, King Saudi University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


My research interests falls into the area of Networks and Distributed Systems. More specifically, I am really interested in the application of datamining and machine learning algorithms in the area of Networking (MineNet). Currently, I am working with Prof. Xiaowei Yang on a research that is related to Typo-Squatting detection. Typo-squatting refers to the process of registering domain names that are similar to other domain names (target domain names) that are usually popular and experience a huge traffic. Typo-squatting highly depends on the user typos while typing the web addresses to get the user into other web sites registered by the typo-squatters. This sort of practice may be harmful/disturbing to users and the target domain name owners. For example, the typo domains could have inappropriate contents for users, copy right violations, or spy wares and viruses. The goal of the project is to develop an automatic typo-squatting detection, measures the amount of hijacked traffic, and develop a system that would reduce the access to typo-squatting domains.


"Automatically Detect Parked Domain Typo-squatting Attacks", Mishari Almishari and Xiaowei Yang (submitted for review)

Graduate Courses

CS585: Advanced Data Base (USC, A+) 

CS551: Advanced Networks (USC, A)

CS530: Computer Security (USC, A)

CS570: Algorithm Analysis (USC, A)

CS571: Web Deveolpment (USC, A)

CS560: Introduction to AI (USC, A)

CS273A: Machine Learning (UCI, A+)

CS263: Randomized Algorithm (UCI, A)

CS221: Data Base Managment Systems (UCI, A)

CS234: Advanced Network Topics (UCI, A)

CS222: Information Retrieval (UCI, A)

CS230: Internet (UCI, A+) 

Taught Couses

C Programming - 1 (CS 112)

C Programming -2 (CS113)

Data Structure

Discrete Math

Programming Skills

C, C++, JAVA, Matlab, ProLog, Pascal

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