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أسئلة شائعة



Mai Abdullatef AlDera





Job title:Physical therapist.

Nationality: Saudi

Marital status: Married

Telephone: 4355010/478




*(1996-2000) King Saud University, Collage of Applied Medical Science

Rehabilitation Department (Bachelor of Science rehabilitation –physical therapy).

*(2000-2001) one year Internship.



*(1999) summer training in the Insurance Hospital.

*(2000) summer training in the Riyadh Armed Hospital.

*(2001) Internship at King Khalid University Hospital:

            -medicine (in/out patient) 6 weeks

            -orthopaedic (in/out patient) 6 weeks

            -neurology (in/out patient) 6 weeks

            -paediatric (in/out patient) 6 weeks

*(2002) Internship at King Fahad National Guard Hospital:

            -neurology (in/out patient) 3 months

            -orthopaedic (in/out patient) 3 months

*(2003-present) Working as Physiotherapist at King Saud University, Rehabilitation Department.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



*(February 2008) Classification of Chronic Low Back Pain Disorder Movement Impairment-SPTA workshope.

*(February 2007) The Development & Validation of Knee outcome measure - SPTA journal club meeting.

*(December 2, 2006) Clinical Education Workshop for Faculty - workshop at King fahad Medical City.

*(September 21, 2006) Evidence Based Physio Therapy Oriented Workshop - National & GUlf center for Evidence Based Medicine .

*(December 15, 2005) Cardiac Rehabilitation - SPTA clinical meeting.

*(December 2005) The International Physical Therapy Conferance in Saudi Arabia ( New Horizontal in Rehabilitation 2005)

*(March1-3, 2004) 1st King Saud University Symposium in Disability & Rehabilitation.

*(March 2003) Use of Application of Ilizarov Technique & Rule of Physical Therapy - SPTA clinical meeting.

*(September 17, 2003) Manual Orthopaedic Physical Therapy course, part 1: cervical-shoulder complex -workshop 27 CME hours.

*(December 17, 2003) Manual Orthopaedic Physical Therapy course, part 2: the lower extremity - workshop 27 CME hours.

*(February 18, 2003) Manual Orthopaedic Physical Therapy course, part 3: the lumbo-pelvic & thoracic region - workshop 27 hours.

*(May 19, 2004) Manual Orthopaedic Physical Therapy course, part 4: elbow-forearm, hand & upper cervical spine - workshop 27 hours.

*(September 2003) Back Pain & Related Condation - SPTA course.

*(2002) Workshop in Practical Application of Electrotherapy in Physical Therapy at Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital - 9 CME hours.

*(2002) King Saud University International Orthopedic Symposium(Current Orthopedic Practice).

*(2002) Mackenzie Approach in Diagnosis & treatment for lumber spine.

*(2002) Security Forces Hospital an International Symposium on Osteoporosis.

*(2001) The Fourth National Rehabilitation Symposium & the First Regional Meeting of the Int'I Society of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation medicine Symposium.

*(2001) Degenerative change in the Spine & the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for the Back Pain - Saudi Phsical Therapy Group.

*(2001) Hip in Cerebral Palsy a Surgon's view - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(2000) Pathomechanics of the foot - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(2000) Validity & Reliability of electrodiagnosis Techniquecs Conducting by Physiotherapy - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(2000) Knee Biomechanics - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(2000) Physical Therapy Managment in the Knee OA,The Lateral Approach to Evaluation & Treatment - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(2000) sensory Approaches in Treatment  of Cerebral Palsy(course) - Rathawia Medical Specialized Center.

*(2000) National Training course in clinical Acupuncture (course) - Rathawia Medical Specialized Center.

*(2000) Reflexology & Acupressure Technique (course) - Rathawia Medical Specialized Center.

*(1999) Insensitive Foot - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(1999) Sport Injery of the Eye - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.

*(1999) New Approach of the Managment of Sever Muscle Spasticity - Saudi Physical Therapy Group.




*Member of Saudi Physical Therapy Association No. (234).

*Member of Saudi Council for Health Specialties No. (05-R-A-43183).




Fluent in Arabic & English.









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