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Curriculum Vitae


Name           : Ebtihaj Abdullah bin zaid Al-Sha’alan

Nationality   : Saudi         

Date of birt  : 9/12/1398 H – Riyadh

Office Tel      : 4354400 Ext: 2028                   

P.O. Box         : 92031 Riyadh 11653        

E-mail           :

College          : Education

Department  : Islamic Culture

Position         : Teaching Assistant (Lecture repeater)

Date of appointment: 26/10/1423 H

Education Qualification:  Bachelor Degree

Date                 : 22/1423 H

Country           : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

University       : King Saud University

Specialization : Belief (Doctrine)


Badge of Honor and prizes

I obtained the prize of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for scientific distinction in the Saudi universities for female students, on the occasion of top girl exam in social and human sciences at King Saud University in Riyadh.

Award date  : 22/1423 H.

Field of interest       : Modern Studies about Beliefs.

Thesis title for Master Degree: Sunah Immas sayings about Al-Khawarj.

Department committees participated in it    

* Committee of general preparation subjects 1426 H.

* studying schedules committee 1426 H.

* Committee of transferred students for interviewing and admission1427H.

* Committee of specializing Schedules 1428H.

* Academic Guidance and student problem Committee 1428 H، 1429H.

* Committee of transferred students for interviewing and admission1429H.

*Committee course IC103 1429H. 


Currently, I am teaching course IC 103  (The Economic System in Islam)


Subject objective: to introduce the method of Islamic economic in connection of man with money, collecting and spending and society financial relation with some of its distribution and exchanging, and clarifying its rules and Sahriah regulations to control economic life and financial treatment. Brief comparison in the positive economic systems aiming to clarify Islamic economy features and its attributes.


Subjects Items:       

First: Introduction to Islamic Economic Study.

Second: Basics of Islamic Economic system.

Third: Distribution, spending and insurance.  


Marks Distribution and Exams times

15 marks: first semester exam on 23/3/1429H for divisions of Monday (512,523) date: 2/4/1429 H for Tuesday (514,519)

15 marks: for second semester exam on 22/4/1429 H for divisions of Monday (512,523), on23/4/1429 H for divisions of Tuesday (514,519)

10 marks: for Home works. 

60 marks: for final exam.

 السيرة الذاتية

EBTIhaj.docEBTIhajابتهاج عبدالله زيد الشعلن
السيرة الذاتية.docالسيرة الذاتيةابتهاج عبدالله زيد الشعلن
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