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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

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A.  M.C.Q.:  Select the one most appropriate answer: 

  1.  Pain reaction threshold:


a.       Is the measure of tolerance to painful stimulus

b.      Perceived by the mechanoreceptors

c.       Vary from one person to another and in the same person

d.      All of the above

e.       Answer “a” and “c”

  2.  Palpation in examination involves:


a.       Use of electric tester to evaluate the vitality of teeth

b.      Gentle finger touch to determine the extension of pathology

c.       Demonstration of soft tissue color

d.      Use of a fibro optic lenses to demonstrate hidden lesions

e.       None of the above

3.      Patient’s responses in the medical and dental questionnaires are of help in:


a.       reviewing patient medical and dental status

b.      emphasize questions on some aspect of patient’s medical history

c.       warning the practitioner of any emergencies that could arise

d.      all of the above

e.       none of the above 

4.      Good record keeping in case documentation is essential for:


a.       keeping one’s thoughts in a logical order

b.      providing a complete document for medico-legal use

c.       assessment of prognosis in the follow-up appointments

d.      all of the above

e.       none of the above

5.      Diabetic patients may have the following complication in the dental office:


a.       hypoglycaemic coma

b.      delay of wound healing

c.       severe bleeding

d.      a & b

e.       b & c 

6.      Drug history should indicate to:


a.       the patient’s current medical problems

b.      any medications taken by patient

c.       history of drug allergy or hypersensitization

d.      all of the above

e.       none of the above


   7.  The followings are true about C fibers except:


              a.  Myelinated

              b.  Have a diameter of 0.4 to 1.2 μm

              c.  Have a conduction velocity < 1m/s

              d.  They can transmit pain impulses

   8.  The Gate Control Theory of pain


              a.  Proposed by Melzack and Wall in 1965

              b.  Has no control system in the spinal cord

              c.  Higher centers cannot affect the gate control system

              d.  Substantia gelatinosa is not part of this theory


   9.  No stimulus can initiate an action potential at the following stage


              a.  Resting period of the cell

              b.  Absolute refractory period

              c.  Relative refractory period

              d.  Repolarization period


  10.  The resting membrane potential of a neuron is


              a.  +40 mV

              b.  -50  mV

              c.  -70 mV

              d.  -60 mV




   1.  Local analgesia means:  loss of all modalities of sensation.


              a.  True                      b.  False


   2.  Acupuncture and hypnosis techniques are successful methods  for simple  


              a.   True                     b.  False


3.      Patients with uncontrolled hyperthyroidism can be treated safely in the clinic when   

given local anaesthesia with adrenaline


               a.   True                    b.  False


   4.   Patients with bronchial asthma who needs surgery, should not be given local

         anaesthesia with adrenaline


                a   True                    b.  False




  • Mention the nerve/nerves you anaesthetize to extract the following teeth:

a.       upper Rt. permanent canine: Ant. Super. Alv. N. + Long Sphenopalatine N.

b.      upper 1st permanent molar: Post. Super.Alv. N. + Greater Palatine N. +                       Middle Super. Alv. N. to mesiobuccal root

c.       lower left lateral incisor:  Incisive N. + Lingual N. + Mental Nerve

d.      lower right third molar: Infer. Alv. N. + Lingual N. + Long Buccal N.




                              1.      Local analgesia has some functions over general anaesthesia”.  Discuss this sentence.



- Local anaesthesia is more safe than general anaesthesia

- Easy of administration:  - simple procedure

          - less cost

                                                                     -  no restriction like GA

                           - Patient cooperation e.g. you can check occlusion

                           - Unlimited operating time

                           - Reduces bleeding during surgical procedures, because of the

                              vasoconstrictor in local anaesthesia

                           -   If patient does not fit for general anaesthesia

                                    (e.g.) -  upper respiratory infection [pneumonia, pulmonary T.B.]

                                             -  cardiovascular disease [dyspnea at rest, engorgement of

                                                neck veins)

-           Airway problems ( nose Polypi, nasal septum deflected,

micrognathia & oedema of the glottis)

-           Sickle- cell anaemia

-          Relative indications to avoid out-patient general anaesthesia:  Pregnancy, Coronary Thrombosis, patients on Corticosteroids, etc….



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