(1)  Features of moderate dehydration may include each of the following, except.  

A.                 Sick looking child

B.                 Oliguria

C.                 Depressed anterior fontanel

D.                 Sunken eyes

E.                  Dry mucous membrane

 ANSWER:      B 

(2) Diarrhea is an important feature of: 

A.                 Peptic ulcer

B.                 Acrodermatitis enteropathica

C.                 Ancylostomiasis

D.                 Diabetes Mellitus

E.                  Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis 


(3) Intestinal biopsy is pathognomonic in:                      

A.                 Celiac disease

B.                 Protein-energy malnutrition

C.                 Endemic tropical sprue

D.                 Abetalipoproteonemia

 ANSWER:      D 

(4)Clinical features of celiac disease may include each of the following, expect:                     

A.     Manifests a few months after introduction of gluten-containing foods.

B.     Chronic diarrhea

C.     Growth failure with multiple deficiencies

D.     Abdominal distension

E.            Anorexia

F.            Response well to folic acid/B12 

ANSWER:      F 

(5) Features of cystic fibrosis may include each of the following, except:  

A.                 Chronic/recurrent diarrhea from early infancy.

B.                 Recurrent respiratory infections from early infancy

C.                 Growth failure

D.                 Anorexia

E.                  High incidence of rectal prolapsed and nasal polyp. 

ANSWER:      D 

(6) Cystic fibrosis may present in a newborn as each of the following expect: 

A.                 Meconium ileus

B.                 Meconium peritonitis

C.                 Ileal atresia

D.                 Duodenal atresia 

ANSWER:      D 

(7) Which of the following is not a manifestation of acrodermatitis-enterpathica? 

A.                 Chronic diarrhea

B.                 Multiple congenital anomalies

C.                 Symmetrical bullous skin lesions

D.                 Loss of hair 

ANSWER:      B 

(8) Important clinical features of congenital megacolon include each of the following, except:  

A.                 Constipation right from birth

B.                 Abdominal distension

C.                 Growth failure

D.                 Palpable loops of bowel

E.                  Loaded rectum 

ANSWER:      E 

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