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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Courses has been giving /

·          Approach of Islamic culture study

·          Political regulation in Islam

·          Economic regulation in Islam "running now''

Course goals/

·          Definition of Islamic method for the economist in the connection between people and money ''collecting and spending ''.

·          Explanation of the society finance connection in distribution and in circulation .

·          Explanation of the  Islamic rules foundation that relevant to the economist.

·          The comparison between economic regulation in Islam and other positive regulations.



Course terms:

§         Definition of  the Islamic Economic System.

§         References of  the  Islamic economy and examples.

§         The  origin of  Islamic Economic System and its applying.

§         Positive economic regulations:

*         Capitalist regulation.

*         Socialist regulation.

*         Combined regulation in  the Capitalist and Socialist regulation .


And in every regulation:

Its ( concepts , origins,  foundations , principles, popularity and passivity)

·  Characteristics of Islamic economic system and its goals.

·  Principles of  Islamic economic system.

·  Foundation of  Islamic economic system. 

·  distribution and  circulation in Islam.

·  banks and insurance (definition, origination, types) .



practiced book:

Economic System in Islam


Dr.Omar Almarzoki

Dr.Abdullah Alnasser

Dr.Abdullah Alsaadi

Dr.Ahmad Alharbi

Dr.Muhammad Almgrin



Arroshd library , second edition 1427


1.      Economic System in Islam - Dr. Refaah Alawadi

2.      Approach of Economical Conception in Islam- Dr.Saeed Martaan ,Arresala institution ,Bairut ,1406

3.      Economic System in Islam -Dr.Mahmood Alkhateeb , Alharamain library ,Riyadh,1409

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