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STAT 101 (2+1) credit-hours

Elementary Probability and Statistics I

Beneficiaries: College of Science, Computer Science, Education and Arts.
Descriptive Statistics - Measure of central tendency - Measure of variance - Elementary probability (finite case) - Conditional probability - Bayes formula - Random variable and probability distribution - Binomial - Normal distribution.



STAT 106

  Biostatistics (1+1) credit-hours.

Beneficiaries: College of Medicine.
Descriptive statistics - Measure of location and dispersion - Elementary probability - Random variable and probability distribution - Central limit theorem and application.



STAT 324

Engineering Statistics 3(2+1)

Beneficiaries: College of Science.
Probability and probability distribution - Mathematical expectations of random variables. Discrete and continuous distributions. Sampling distributions - Estimation, testing of hypothesis - Regression and correlation.



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