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  BCH 475  Biochemistry of Carcinogens (2+0) credit-hours

Basic principle of enviromental carcinogensis. Understanding of how enviromental agents contribute to induce cancer.

Lecture hours:

Sat. and Mon. From 8-9 Bld.6 Ro. no. 498

Marks:First continous exam - 20 points

        Second continous exam- 20 points

        Final exam- 60 points

Final exam date: As Schedule.

BCH475 content.doc 

·         Carcinogenesis (BCH 475)     Credit hours       2.0                            

·        Pre-requisites for this course Metabolism I (BCH 347)

- Objectives 

This course deals with environmental carcinogens. Introduction to cancer as uncontrolled cell division, role of oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes. Screening of the mode of carcinogenicity of chemical carcinogens, physical carcinogens (X rays and UV light), carcinogenicity of hormones, Oncogenic viruses, food and cancer.


- Topics to be Covered


- Cell cycle and cancer

- Dose assessment and mechanism of carcinogenicity

- Occupational carcinogens

- Metabolism of carcinogens

- Chemical carcinogens

- Physical carcinogens

- Solid state and metal carcinogens

- Carcinogenicity of hormones

- Oncogenic viruses

- Food and cancer


- Exam:

- First continuos exam: 16/3/1429

- Second continuos exam: 27/4/1429




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