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BCH 358 (Hormones):

It is a two credit hours course (2 lectures).

 Time: Saturday and wedensday 9-10

Class room number 733 building 8

Brief Course  Description:

The focus of the course will be the integrative nature of hormone actions in the regulations of various physiological processes. Information will be mainly base on mammalian studies. The following topics will be covered: overview of hormones: definition, synthesis, secretion, and action and mechanisms of hormone action, hypothalamic hormones; pituitary hormones; thyroid and parathyroid hormones; pancreatic hormones; adrenal hormones; hormones and reproduction. Endocrine diseases related to hypo or hyper secretion of each hormone will be highlighted along the course. 

Topics to be covered:-   

Introduction to Endocrinology

-         Definition of Endocrine System

-         Hormone Glands

-         Classification of hormones:

- Classification based on molecular structure of hormones

- Classification based on the mechanism of action.

 Classification according to the nature of second messengers
 (c-AMP, Ca, inositol triphosphate, etc.)


          -Hypothalamus, anterior and posterior pituitary hormones.

            -Secretion, structure and mode of action.

           -Hypothalamus- Pituitary – adrenal axis.

         --Hypothalamus- Pituitary – related to thyroid and gonads.

        -Endocrine diseases related to hypo or hypersecretion.

     -     Thyroid and parathyroid gland hormones

            - Synthesis

            - Regulation of secretion.

           - Physiological action.

            - Hypo and hyper secretion- related diseases.

     -     Adrenal Gland Hormones

           -Adrenal Cortex.

           - Adrenal Medulla.

           - Synthesis , Action and Functions

     -    Pancreatic Hormones

          - Types of pancreatic cells.

          -Regulation of glucagone, insulin and somatostatin secretion.

          -Structure, synthesis and physiological role of pancreatic       hormones.

          - Diabetes mellitus.       

     -    Hormones of the gonads:

           - Male Reproductive Hormones

           - Female Reproductive Hormones

           -Structure, Biosynthesis and Physiological roles.   



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