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Course Description: 

This course is concerned with the fundamental knowledge, methods and skills needed to analyze, design and implement computer-based systems. It addresses the role of the systems analyst, the techniques and technologies used, and the ethical considerations in requirements specification. The structured software development life cycle approach, modeling techniques and development phases are comprehensively discussed and reviewed. In modeling techniques, process models, information models and object oriented models are thoroughly described. A project is given to all students that should cover analysis and design phases of a relatively data-oriented business case; with emphasis on data modeling (ER diagrams) and process modeling (DFDs).



 Course Lectures

Lecture_0.pptxChapter 0: Course Description.
chapter_01.pptChapter 1: Systems Development in an Organizational Context.
hoffer_msad6e_ch10.pptChapter 10: Designing Forms and Reports.
Chapter_02.pptChapter 2: The Sources of Software.
hoffer_msad6e_ch04.pptChapter 4: Identifying and Selecting Systems Development Projects.
hoffer_msad6e_ch05.pptChapter 5: Initiating and Planning Systems Development Projects.
hoffer_msad6e_ch06.pptChapter 6: Determining System Requirements.
hoffer_msad6e_ch07.pptChapter 7: Structuring System Process Requirements.
hoffer_msad6e_ch08.pptChapter 8: Structuring System Data Requirements.
hoffer_msad6e_ch09.pptChapter 9: Designing Databases.

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 Latest news

 - The lecture notes of chapter 2 is posted for students to download.

 - The MidTerm date was changed to be Saturday, Moharram 12th, 1432H (Dec. 18th 2010G), from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm in room # 018 in first floor.

 - Quiz#1 will be held at lecture time in next week 28-12-1431H (04-12-2010) for all sections.

 - The exam date was changed because of many requests received from students regarding conflicts in exam time with other courses.

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