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أسئلة شائعة

Lecture_0.pptxChapter 0: Course Description.
chapter_01.pptChapter 1: Systems Development in an Organizational Context.
hoffer_msad6e_ch10.pptChapter 10: Designing Forms and Reports.
Chapter_02.pptChapter 2: The Sources of Software.
hoffer_msad6e_ch04.pptChapter 4: Identifying and Selecting Systems Development Projects.
hoffer_msad6e_ch05.pptChapter 5: Initiating and Planning Systems Development Projects.
hoffer_msad6e_ch06.pptChapter 6: Determining System Requirements.
hoffer_msad6e_ch07.pptChapter 7: Structuring System Process Requirements.
hoffer_msad6e_ch08.pptChapter 8: Structuring System Data Requirements.
hoffer_msad6e_ch09.pptChapter 9: Designing Databases.
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