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Nationality: Saudi

Date of Birth: 1978

Place of Birth: Alriyadh

Sex: Male

Major: Soil Science (Soil Physics)

Academic Rank: Lecturer



Academic Degree:




Major Field

Minor Field

King Saud University



Soil Science

Soil Physics

King Saud University



Soil Science

Soil Science


Work for a year on the job an agricultural  engineer in engineering management  and  air defense  housing 2002 .
 Working on a job Analyst  Laboratory  Soil  Physics  Laboratory - Department of Soil Science - Faculty of Food and Agricultural Sciences - King Saud University from 2003 to 2009. 
  I've been a lecturer  since 2010 
   Research Assistant in the project Properties of Soil loss by Wind Erosion at Riyadh area

  Research Assistant in the project Nitrare Movement Through The Unsaterated Zone of  Sandy Soil In Saudi Arabia.

 Research Assistant in the project Evaluation of Pollution in Agricultural Soils in Saudi Arabia.

              Research Assistant in the project gray water from households and small enterprises ( assessment and re-use ).

                Worked on several research projects administrative and financial.


Scientific skills

             Physical and chemical analysis of soil, water, field and laboratory for the experiments.

        Ec, pH, Turbidity, Flame photometer, Atomic absoption, ICP, GC, GC-MS, XRD, IC, Neutron moisture meter, Soil moisture extractor, Determination of the soil hydraulic parameters, Determination of solute transport parameters in soil


Personal skills

computer, time management - Entrepreneurship - Reading - teamwork – Internet- writing.

The scientific record


                 Transport of Heavy Metals (Ni, Pb, and Cr) in Sandy Soils project master's thesis entitled.
    Al-Ghamdi, Abdul Aziz Ghazi.
"Adsorption and Transport of lead in soil" Research Conference students of King Saud University, 2010.

                AL-Turki, A.M., S.A. AL-Maghraby and A.G. AL-Ghamdi. 2010. Soil loss by Wind Erosion in Riyadh area. J. of King Saud University, Agricultural Sciences, 23(1). (In print).

                 El-Saeid, M.H., M.I. AL-Wabel, G. Abdel-Nasser, A.M. AL-Turki and A.Gh. Al-Ghamdi. 2010. One-step Extraction of Multiresidue Pesticides in Soil by Microwave-Assisted Extraction Technique (MAE). J. Applied Sciences (accepted). 


  A course on "Principal Training Program for Radiation Protection"  (university level) for 5 weeks, the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.

  A course on soil contamination with pesticides and heavy metals, Faculty of Agriculture - Ein Shams University - Republic of Egypt for two weeks.

  A course on laboratory technology and quality control of drinking water, the Arab Association of Business Administration - Republic of Egypt for two weeks.

  A course on a ICP-OES OPTIMA 4300 DV

  A course on an atomic absorption. AAS 300

  A course in the operation and two graphite and Franz Alhedric annexed to the device. AAS 300

  A course in computerized  analysis  of  data on the SAS statistical program for 6 weeks at the Institute of Public Administration.

 Three courses in English in the Saudi Centre of Britain.
• sessions on computers in data entry and word processing and the Internet from the Institute of   Kmbeubis

  A course on the device chromatography GC / MS in Dubai.

  A course on the device chromatography GC.

 A course on a microwave.

 A course on a IC


                 official of the department of community service

                 Member of the laboratories and laboratory section.

                 Member of the Commission for Academic Accreditation and membership of sub-section to the Commission for the questionnaires.

   Chairman of the Committee information department Society Affiliation.

       Member of Saudi Agriculture Society


Thanks and Appreciation


  received a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the Head of Soil science2004
  received a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the Head of Soil science 2007



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