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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Specialization : Geography

Ph. D. University of Durham, England

 November, 1987.

Scientific Achievement :

National Projects :

(A) Projects Financed by King Abdulaziz Center for Science & Technology :

1) Chairman of Research Team for the     Research Project in Process entitled: " The Conceptional Scope of the Motional Disabled Children in Public Schools : School Environment & Transportation ",1424-H 

2) Participated in Research Project entitled:  "Pupils Traffic Safety"  1421-H

3) Chairman of Research Team for the     Research Project " The Actual & the Future of the Scholastic Transportation in Riyadh City " ,  1413 – H.

B) Projects Financed by Naef Arabic University for Security Sciences :

Research Project: "Arab World Traffic Accident: Volume & Costs" , 1427-H

C) Researches in Conferences & Scientific Journals :

1. Road Traffic & Public Transport Buses Operating in the Cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:  Work Paper presented to the Symposium for Public Transportation in the Cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh, 2006.

2. Proposed Work Paper for Minimizing Crowd during the Critical Period at Stoning (Jamarat) Areas: The 5th Scientific Meeting for Hajj Studies, Makkah                 Al-Mukaramah, 1425-H.

3. The Extent of Road Transport Danger in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Compared with other Countries, Journal for the Studies of Gulf Countries & Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait , 1425-H.

4. Housing Complexes Geographical Dimension And Its Effects On

The Level Of Housing Contentment: (Al-Ma, ather Housing Complex, Riyadh),

Al- Darah Journal , Riyadh, 1425 – H. 

5. LIGHT TRUCK ( PICK-UP ) TRANSPORTATION IN RIYADH CITY,College of Arts , Research Center, Riyadh , 1425- H.

6. Transportation of Disabled Students at King Saud University & their Trends towards the Means of Transportation, Symposium for Transportation of the Disabled , Ministry of  Communication, Riyadh, 1424-H.

7 . Pupil's Driving  and its Effect on Road Traffic in the Kingdom, Journal for the Studies of Gulf Countries & Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait , 1421-H.

8. School Locations and the Procedure for Raising the Level of Pupils' Road Traffic Safety. Geographic Research, Saudi Geographical Organization, Riyadh, 1421-H.

9. Transportation in Riyadh: Reality &  Facilities, Bus Transport Symposium, Ministry of Communications, 1420-H.

10 . Pupils & Road Accident in the Kingdom, International Conference on Safety on the Road, University of Bahrain, 1419-H.

11. Factors Affecting Student Transportation to and from Schools, King Saud University Research Center, Riyadh,  1416-H.

12. Fundamentals for Constructing National School Transport Network in the Kingdom, Umul-Qura University Research and Studies Center, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, 1416-H.

Scientific  Concerns :

1. Various Transportation  Network (Land, Railway, Air,  Sea, Transportation through Tubes, Power Transportation). These are the basics for Specializing in Geography Transportation.

2. Public Transportation: School Transport – Male &Female Teachers'   Transportation- Transportation of the Disabled-Transportation of Goods.

3. Traffic Safety & Road Accident.

4. Geographical Locations & Place Characteristics

5. Car  Parks & Their Geographical Distribution.


Second Prize in the Field of the Services of  Municipality, Installations and Environment,  Capital and Islamic Cities Organization,  2007

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