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1.      Demonstrate essential knowledge required to diagnose, initially manage and to know when to immediately refer a patient with a condition that requires urgent specialist management.

  1. Demonstrate knowledge to specify the symptoms, signs and immediate complications; to outline the assessment and appropriate investigation and; to outline the immediate and long term management of patients with common and community related orthopedic conditions and musculoskeletal trauma.

3.      To take a relevant and a focused MSK history in the knowledge of the characteristics of the major conditions of: bone; joints; connective tissue; nerve tissue and; muscle tissue.

4.      To perform a focused physical examination of major joints (shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle, PN and spine)

5.      To order and to demonstrate an appropriate use and interpretation of appropriate investigations including: radiography, CT/MRI/bone scan, MSK U/S, serology, synovial fluid analysis, and EMG/NCS.

6.      The ability to perform a common non-surgical orthopaedic procedures like joint aspirations and ability to apply and remove a cast.

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