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Digestive system II


              Accessory digestive organs



Bile is a yellow-to- green, watery solution containing all the following except

A- Bile salts.

B- Bile pigments.

C- Cholesterol.

D- Phospholipids.

E- Mucus and serous fluids.



All the following are true of saliva except

A- Saliva didn't contain enzyme.

B- Saliva contains lysozymes and antibodies.

C- Saliva is a mixture of mucus and serous fluids.

D- Salivary amylase, which begins the process of starch digestion in the mouth.

E- Saliva dissolves food chemicals so it can be tasted.



Which is True about teeth

A- There are premolars in deciduous (milk) teeth.

B- Enamel is the softest substance in the body.

C- A teeth consists of two major regions, the crown and the root connected by neck.

D- The pulp cavity contains connective tissue, artery, and nerve fiber.

E- There are 30 permanent teeth in full set.



Urinary system



All the following organs have a storage function of the urine except:

A- ureters.
B- nephron.

C- urinary bladder.

D- urethra.

E- renal pelvis.



Which is false about the kidney.

A- It consists of cortex and medulla.

B- The medulla has many medullarly pyramids.

C- The medullarly pyramids are separated by the renal column.

D- The calcys drain urine from the tips pf the pyramids in to renal pelvis.

E- Kidney has a poor blood supply.



Regarding nephrons, choose the correct statement.

A- are the structural and functional units of the kidneys.

B- All the nephrons lies in the cortex.

C- Bowman's capsule is a part of glomerulus.

D- The peritubuler capillaries, arises from the afferent arteriole.

E- Reabsorbtion is the only function of the nephrons.



Regarding kidneys, choose the correct statement.

A- The left kidney is poisoned slightly lower than the right. 

B- Ureter is the only structure exist the kidney at the hilus.

C- The kidneys extend from the T12 to the L3 vertebrae.

D- A drenal gland is a part of urinary system.

E- The hilum faces anteriorly.


Reproductive system



Which is false about the testis

A-Tunica albuginea surrounds each testis.

B-Each lobule contains one to four tightly coiled seminiferous tubules

C-Sperm travel through the rete testis to enter the epididymis.

D-Seminiferous tubules secret testosterone.

E-Interstitial cells secret testosterone.



Which is true about the ovaries

A-Ovaries are secondary reproductive organ of a female.

B-Ovaries produce estrogen only.

C-Vesicular or Graafian follicle is a mature follicle containing mature ova.

D-Round ligament of uterus plays major role in supporting ovary.

E- Corpus luteum is part of duct system of a female.



All the following are male accessory reproductive organs except:

A-Ductus Deferens.


C-Seminal vesicles.

D-Prostate gland.




Regarding uterus, which is not the part of the uterus




D-cervical canal.




Which is false about the ductus deference

A- It is enclosed in spermatic cord along with nerves only.

B-It runs upward from the epidiymis through the inguinal canal into the pelvic cavity.

C-The end of the ductus deference empties into the ejaculatory duct.

D-The ejaculatory duct opens into the prostatic urethra.

E- It is part of the male accessory reproductive duct.



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