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INTRODUCTION TO PEDIATRIC COURSE (473 PED) Dear Student, This course is designed to provide you with a good chance of building up your knowledge and clinical skills in pediatrics and to prepare you to function as a competent intern. THE CURRICULUM It is impossible to cover all topics in details in this course. However, emphasis is put on graduating general physicians who have enough basics in pediatrics. The following is a concise outlook of the curriculum: 1. OBJECTIVES 1.1 General Objectives: To graduate a physician who: 1.1.1 is aware of the personal qualities and attitudes required by a physician caring for children and their families e.g. empathy, concern, gentleness, etc. 1.1.2 has acquired adequate basic knowledge and skills in pediatrics which enable him/her to proceed into subsequent general practice, speciality training or research activities. 1.2 Specific Objectives: At the end of the course the student is expected to: 1.2.1 perform, record and interpret a full pediatric history. 1.2.2 carry out, record and interpret a complete physical examination in all pediatric age groups. 1.2.3 identify and solve common clinical problems in pediatrics by providing a provisional diagnosis and appropriate differential diagnosis. 1.2.4 recognize urgent and emergency situations in pediatrics and be able to outline an appropriate plan of action. 1.2.5 outline a general plan of investigations and management of common pediatric problems as they relate to Saudi Arabia. 1.2.6 demonstrate an understanding of how to use the laboratory to reach a diagnosis of common pediatric problems . 1.2.7 demonstrate knowledge of community problems related to child health. 1.2.8 demonstrate knowledge of preventive aspects of childhood health problems and to implement them. 1.2.9 recognize his limitations concerning management of pediatric patients and the need to consult and cooperate with others to provide optimum care. 1.2.10 interact with children and their parents or relatives in a gentle, emphatic and appropriate manner.
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