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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Recommended reading:

1-      Microbiology (text book). Authors: Raul Cano and Jaime S. Colome, Publisher: West, ISBN10: 0-314-85223-9

2-      Medical microbiology (text book). Authors: Murray PR., Rosenthal KS., Kobayashi GS. & Pfaller MA. Edition: third edition. Publisher: Mosby. ISBN10: 0-8151-9035-2.


A. Five written exams will be administered to assess the students for both lectures and practical classes during the academic term. Please note that all exam materials will come from my lectures and the allocated readings (support materials). Exams are typically multiple choices (MCQ) and matching (or select) but can also include fill in the blank, short answers, and essays. There will be three section exams (60 minutes each) and two complete final exams (3 hours each) at the end of the course. All exams are value 100 points

B. Make-up exams: unexpected circumstances may require a student to miss an exam. If the absence was unpredicted, please make an effort to notify me on the day of exam. If the absence is excused, a make-up exam will be arranged with the same format. 

C. Grading scheme:

First midterm examination


Second midterm examination


Practical (quizzes, reports and final exam)


Final examination


Total points



-         All course communication will be aid within this page including lecture notes, slides, grades etc. Please keep all communications, including emails, with Dr. Alhamidi and Mr. Younous for both lectures and practical classes, respectively. All announcements will be made using the “News” on SharePoint on the main page of the course.

-         All times given for lectures and exams are discussed at the first lecture. Unless otherwise noted on the course page or to the student representative.

-         This course is presented via PowerPoint slides given during the lectures. Please make an effort to attend all lectures to understand the course contents otherwise textbook material is usually more in depth than what will be presented in lecture and is needed for full understanding of course material.

When you have a question, you should contact the main lecturer (Dr. Alhamidi) on

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