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Curriculum Vita


Curriculum Vita

v Personal Details


Abdulaziz Abdullah Alkheraif



Date of Birth

November 5, 1964

Place of Birth

Tumair, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Marital Status


Present address

Dental Health Department    

 College of Dentistry                         

 King Saud University                                              

 P.O Box 10219               Riyadh 11433      

 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Phone numbers


E mail address

v Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Dental Materials and Technology (PhD)

Dental School Turner University of Manchester                                                                                                United Kingdom 2005

General Certificate of Secondary Education in Mathematics

Chorlton Park Adult Education Center, Manchester  UK. Candidate No. 32336/0076/323360030076H June 2004

Graduate Teaching Assistants course

Staff Training and Development Unit, The University of Manchester, UK (10th January 2005).

Master of Science in Dental Materials and Dental Technology (M.Phil)

Turner Dental School University of Manchester  United Kingdom  1998

Internship Programme

1- King Fahed Hospital King Abdulaziz Medical City National Guard   Riyadh   Saudi Arabia  2- College of Dentistry Riyadh King Saud University  Saudi Arabia

Dental Technology Programme

College of Applied Medical science King Saud University 1985-1991

v Positions and memberships


Dental Technology Specialist, King Fahed Hospital, King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard, Riyadh, 1993-1999


Head of Saudi Student Club, The Saudi student clubs in the UK & Ireland, 1997


Lecturer, Dental Health Department/Dental Technology program/ College of Applied of medical Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1999- 2001


Chairman of the Dental Health Department, 2005 up to 2009


Chairman of the Scientific Committee for oral health and dental technology,  Saudi Council For Health Specialties, Riyadh, 2007 up to date


Member of the Saudi Dental Association 2006 up to date


Vice Dean of Administrative Affairs, 2009 up to date


v Conferences and meetings


United Arab Emirates International Dental Conference and Dental Exhibition (AEEDC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2009).


International Dental Conference, UK (2008).


The First Dental Technology Day, King Saud University, College of applied Medical Science. Riyadh, May 2008.


The First Saudi International Conference on Medical Education
(Simec 2008) April 2008


Pre –Conference Workshop: Medical Program Evaluation & Accreditation Process; National & Global Perspective Conducted at King Fahed Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 2008


International Saudi Dental Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2007


1st National Guard Dental Symposium and Workshops for Dentists, Hygienists Dental Assistants and Technicians Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
April 2007.


FDI Annual world Dental Congress Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2007.


Training Course on 5 stars wax up, King Saud University, College of applied Medical Science. Riyadh , May 2007.


Training Course on Ceramco 3, King Saud University, College of applied Medical Science. Riyadh, April 2007


Saudi Dental Society Meeting, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2006 


International Dental Conference, UK (2003).

v Publications


- One poster with abstract at the International Dental Conference, UK (2003). 


-  Silikas N, AL-Kheraif A, Watts DC “Influence of P/L ratio and peroxide/amine biomaterial formulation”. Biomaterial. 2005; 26: 197-204.


- AL-Kheraif A, Mobarak F.   Infection control practice in private dental laboratories in Riyadh. Saudi Dent J 2008; 20: 163-169.


- One poster with abstract at the International Dental Conference, UK (2008). 


- AL-Kheraif A, AL-Bejadi, S. Oral hygiene awareness among female Saudi school children. Saudi Med J 2008; 29: 1332-1336.


- AL-Kheraif A, Hashim M, EL-Araby A. Comparison of Dimensional accuracy between traditional and Eclips(R) denture base materials. Egypt Dent J 2009; 55: 47-53.      


- Hashim M, AL-Kheraif A. Bleaching of teeth using traditional light activated versus laser activated gel .Egypt Dent J 2009; 55: 65-70.         


- EL-Araby A, AL-Kheraif A, Hashim M. The effect of different light curing systems on the bond strength of resin cement through CAD/CAM Ceramic veneers. Egypt Dent J 2009; 55: 55-63.          



- AL-Kheraif A. Effects of curing units and staining solutions on the color susceptibility of a microhybrid composite resin. J Dent Sci 2010;4(4):165−172


- AL-Kheraif A. The effect of light exposure time variations on shrinkage strain kinetics of resin-based composite materials. J. King Saud Univ., 2010. Vol. 21. Dental Sci (2)., PP.57-62. 



Murali R, AL- Kheraif. Teeth Arrangement for Complete Denture, A Practical Guide. Lambert Academic Publishing 2010.



Murali Ramamoorthi, AL-Kheraif. A Comparative evaluation of fatigue behavior of removable partial denture alloys with and without heat treatment. International Journal of Dental Clinics, Vol 3, Issue 1, Jan-March 2011


Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah, Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Kheraif and Syed Saad Bin Qasim The effect of chemical disinfection, autoclave and microwave sterilization on the dimensional accuracy of polyvinylsiloxane elastomeric impression materials. World Applied Science Journal 17(1):127-132, 2012. (ISI)


 Durgesh,B.H, Prakash Prashanth, Ramakrishnaiah Ravikumar, Phulari Basavaraj Subashchandra,Al Kheraif, Abdul Aziz A Malocclusion pattern (Angle’s) in Mauritian orthodontic patients. International Scholarly Research Network Dentistry (ISRN Dentistry), Volume 2012(2012) Article ID 210306, doi:10.5402/2012/210306. (Pubmed indexed).


 Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah, Wazirzada Aslam Farooq,Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Al Kheraif, Saad bin Qasim andSaleh Aldwayyan. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopic analysis of dental elastomeric impression materials. Middle East Journal of Scientific Research 11 (8): 1003-1008, 2012. (ISI)


  Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah1, Abdul Aziz Abdullah al khureif2, Anilkumar Gujjari3, MR Dhakshayini.A comparative study to evaluate the softness of heat processed and autopolymerized denture relining materials when stored in hard and soft water” (An in vitro study.) Journal of oral health and community dentistry. 2012;6(2)74-78


Saad Bin Qasim, Abdul Aziz Al Kheraif and Ravikumar Ramakrishaniah .An investigation into the impact and flexural strength of light cure denture base materials reinforced with carbon nano tubes. World Applied Science Journal 18(6):808-812, 2012 (ISI).


Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Al Kheraif and Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah Phonetics related to Prosthodontics. Middle East Journal of Scientific Research.12 (1):1653-1657, 2012.


Rahul Prasad, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Kheraif, Nidhi Kathuria,V.N.V. Madhav, S.V. Bhide and 5Ravikumar Ramakrishnaiah. Ectodermal dysplasia: dental management and complete denture therapy. World applied science journal 20(3): 423-428, 2012.


Al Kheraif AAQasim SSRamakrishnaiah RIhtesham ur Rehman. Effect of different beverages on the color stability and degree of conversion of nano and micro hybrid composites. Dental materials journal 2013; 32(2):1-6


Zakir MAl Kheraif AAAsif MWong FSRehman IU. A comparison of the mechanical properties of a modified silorane based dental composite with those of commercially available composite material. Dental materials 29 (2013) 53-59.


Kheraif AA. Surface roughness of polyvinyl siloxane impression materials following chemical disinfection, autoclave and microwave sterilization. The journal of contemporary dental practice, may-june 2013;14(3)


Kujan OTarakji BThakker N, Al Kheraif AA, Sloan P. The expression of FHIT in salivary carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma. Anticancer research 32; 3147-3152(2012).


Prasad R,AlKheraif AA. Three dimentional accuracy of CAD/Cam manufactured titanium and ceramic superstructures for implant abutments using spiral scan microtomography. International journal of prosthodontics .


Rahul Prasad , Abdulaziz al kheraif, Nidhi Kathuria,V.N.V.Madhav,S.V.Bhide.Accuracy of ring less casting and accerlated wax elimination tech nique . In vitro study .Journal of prosthodontics,2013,July 26,10.111/jopr 12082 .


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