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College of Applied Medical Sciences, KSU

Dental technology Programme

             Fixed Restorative Prosthodontics III 


                                                   Mid-Term Exam I (Level 7)


        Date: ---------------------                                      Marks: --------------/10

        Name: ------------------------------------                  KSU. No: ------------

          Time:    1 Hour                                                  Pages: ------ 4

       Course Director:


 Q1-Define the following terms: -

          q          Core in dentistry

          q       Post in dentistry

          q       Post crown

          q       Precision attachment

          q        Lingual metal band and its function

          q        Metal-porcelain junction

          q        The hygienic pontic

          q        The ridge lap pontic

          q        The dental implant 


Q2- Describe in details the dental tooth veneer and its use

 Images shown below




Q3- Explain how the female plastic pattern of attachment is part of crown pattern and how the male plastic pattern is part of pontic?


Q4- Describe in details the types of these fixed partial dentures






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