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Physics 101

(Practical Experiments)





1.            Determination of refractive index of a prism by measuring the angle of minimum deviation.


2.            Comparison between two electromotive forces using the slide wire potentiometer.


3.            Measurement of unknown resistance and the electrical resistivity of a metal wire using the meter bridge.


4.            Measurement of the focal length and power of a convex lens.


5.            Determination of Rydberg constant.


6.            The simple pendulum.


7.            The oscilloscope (measurement of dc and ac voltages and the frequency of the ac source).


8.            Ohm’s Law (verification of Ohm’s Law and connecting the resistances in series and parallel combination.


9.            Measurement of the absorption coefficient of lead to nuclear radiation (using g-ray).


10.         Capacitors (Charging and discharging of capacitors and measurement of the time constant).



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