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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

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Personal information:

Name: Adel Mohammad AlObaisi

Date of birth: 1397H

I.D number: 1019230075

Job: Teaching Assistant, King Saud University, College of Education.

Occupational number: 15466

Academic and professional History

1- Educational History:

-         I have completed my education (Elementary, Preparatory and Secondary).

-         I have joined King Saud University on 1416 in order to complete my university study, college of education, Department of Islamic culture specializing in Islamic Jurisprudence and its origins.

-         I have been graduated from the college on 1420 with the grade excellent and honor degree.

-         I have joined Master's program, college of Education, Department of Islamic culture specializing in Jurisprudence and its Origins on 1421H, then I have obtained Master's degree on 1427H.

-         Now, I prepare my PHD.

2- The Occupational History:

-         I have worked temporarily within my university studies at the Ministry of Municipality.

-         Then, I have been employed as a teacher on 1420 for one year.

-         Then, I have been employed as a Teaching assistant in King Saud University, college of education, department of Islamic Culture on 1421H to the present time.

-         I have applied to work as lecturer and I have been nominated and I'm waiting for it.


Second: Committees Membership

-         I'm registered in the department of Islamic culture, college of education on 1421H.

-         I'm a member in the committee of delivering Schedules for various semesters.

Third: Courses I have obtained

1-     Course in Windows 3.1 with the grade very good.

2-     Computer course in official works that include (Windows operating system and Microsoft Office) with the grade good.

Fourth: Researches and Scientific thesis

1-     My research in the Master program is the investigation of the book entitled (AlTahrir) in the Sahffi Jurisprudence to Abi Al-Abass Al-Shafii, Worships Department.

2-     I have written some short researches required in the Masters' and PHD stages such as (Advantage of Group Prayer- Limitations of Granting and Selling Organs, the Phenomenon of Expensive Dowries, Interest and its Relation to Legal Policy) besides various short researches.







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