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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


V. C.

   - Name: Khalid Bin Zaid Al Omiqan.
- Hand work: Arabic Language Department, Faculty of Arts.
- Examined decisions: language skills, and the Arab liberation, and studies linguistic and literary studies.
- Member of the Committee on General and the Commission to prepare the annual report and Social Committee and the Committee on the Evaluation and accreditation of academic section, and the Coordinating Committee to evaluate the programs Graduate School of Arts and the Commission tests College, and coordinator of the Section of the Office of HE Rector.
- Cooperating with the National Center for measurement and evaluation, the Ministry of Higher Education.
  - Member of the Assembly of the Arabic language Saudi University forward, and the General Saudi dialects and folklore King Saud University.
- Overseeing the Editor electronic title (the corridors of culture) issued two of them.
- Contribute to hold three training courses in collaboration with some educational institutions:
1-rules dictate 2-How to write search? 3 - basic rules as in the Arab states.
- Some participants in social and cultural activities and charities.
Magazine editor-in the cultural discourse, Crown writings published in some newspapers (Riyadh, the island Letter University), magazines (knowledge, family, life).
- Has cooperated in correcting some books and national plans, such as: (a draft national strategy to tackle poverty), (gifted care policy in the Kingdom) (the role of social service in the care of disadvantaged children), (the project to establish neighborhood centers) and the decisions of the Ministry of Education for the academic year September 26 1427 e also participated in correcting some research and literary texts and articles published in various periodicals

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