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George E. Carvell, PhD, PT   University of Pittsburgh
The territorial distribution of the Posterior Spinal Artery (PSA) in red, the Anterior Spinal Artery (ASA) in violet, and the Arterial VasaCorona in green are illustrated. While there is little overlap of these territories deep within the cord (see gray matter ‘butterfly’ outline), greater anastomoses are found along the peripheral white matter (note the blending of colors where the territories overlap).
Posterior Spinal Arteries
Posterior Spinal Medullary & Radicular Artery
Anterior Spinal Artery
Arterial VasaCorona
Anterior Spinal Medullary Artery
The ASA is fed by the vertebral arteries in the upper cervical cord and then by 6-8 medullary arteries that are branches segmental arteries of the aorta for the rest of the cord. The PSAs are fed by the vertebral arteries in the upper cervical cord and caudally by the posterior medullary arteries at irregular intervals. The arterial vasacorona is fed by the anterior & posterior radicular & spinal arteries at each level. The spinal roots are fed by the radicullar arteries. Remember these relationships between the arterial blood supply & gray/white matter structures.
Ant. Radicular Artery