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George E. Carvell, PhD, PT   University of Pittsburgh
BC&P Fig. 7.22, p. 193
BC&P Fig. 7.23, p. 193
BC&P Fig. 7.26, p. 196
BC&P Fig. 7.27, p. 198
Brodmann Areas
In 1909, Korbinian Brodmann, a German anatomist, subdivided the human cerebral cortex into 47 separate areas based on cyto-architectural differences. It is now evident that cytoarchitectonic differences correlate to functional specializations of identified cortical areas (structure-function relationships).
We will concentrate our effort on only a
handful of the
47 Brodmann
Brodmannís sample size was an N of 1
Primary Sensory & Motor Areas in 3 Species
Ventricles are derived from the embryonic vesicle cavities.