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George E. Carvell, PhD, PT   University of Pittsburgh
Terminal Cortical branches of the Anterior, Middle and Posterior Cerebral Arteries Anastomose (join) along a zone often termed the watershed zone. These Leptomeningeal Anastomoses provide an overlap of the 3 arteries on the cortical surface (see highlighted areas).
Deep gray & white matter cerebral structures are fed by deep penetrating branches of the Internal Carotid, Anterior cerebral, Middle Cerebral, Posterior Cerebral and Posterior Communicating Arteries
C&S fig 20-12 p 722
C&S fig 20-13
p 723
BC&P Chapt 7 Appendix p 238
BC&P Chapt 7 Appendix p 237
Deep Branches of MCA
Ant. Choroidal Artery
of ICA