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George E. Carvell, PhD, PT   University of Pittsburgh
DISTRIBUTED MOTOR CONTROL: Reaching and Grasping Movies
Reaching for a coffee cup, grasping it, and successfully drinking from the cup seems like a very simple activity. However, this visually-guided task requires tremendous cooperation among neuronal networks distributed across all cortical lobes and many subcortical areas. The brain movie shows the major cortical areas that are active for such a task (activation = spotlight). The actual task is shown in the 2nd movie.
BG & CBM have inputs from all cortical areas shown in fig 38-4. Outputs from BG & CBM go back to frontal cortical areas via thalamocortical connections.
KS&J Fig 38-4, p 760
Arrows represent conceptual not actual, anatomical connectivity
GMOMM  2001