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George E. Carvell, PhD, PT   University of Pittsburgh
Tuning Curves for Flutter (MC)
and Vibration (PC) Sense
Mechanosensitive Ion Channels: Touch
 Mechanoreceptors & Proprioceptors
Small Fiber, Free Nerve Endings: High Threshold Touch,
Temperature and Pain
Large Fiber, Specialized Endings: Specific Mechanical
Transduction Properties
Somatosensation refers to sensory modalities associated with receptors in the superficial and deep tissues of the body wall and limbs.
Modalities include:
 Low-Threshold Tactile Mechanoreceptors: Discriminative Touch (spatial & temporal tactile acuity)
 High-threshold Mechanoreceptors: Ouch
 Thermal Receptors: Warm & Cool
 Proprioceptors: Movement and Force/Tension
 Nociceptors: Noxious Mechanical, Thermal, Chemical Stimulants
 Polymodal Receptors