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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


First Midterm Exam











Q1: The following are tools of pathophysiology except:


a-      Molecular

b-     Immunological

c-      Pharmaceutical


Q2: General pathology is:


a-      The reaction of cells and tissue to normal stimuli

b-     Specific response of special organs to defined stimuli

c-      Non of the above


Q3: Morphological changes that occur in tissue or organs are divided to macroscopic and:


a-      Histological

b-     Physiological

c-      Biological


Q4: Stress as a result of irritant could be mild moderate and:


a-      severe

b-     diffused

c-      local


Q5: Living irritants include Bacteria Fungi Parasites and:


a-      Radiation

b-     Viruses

c-      Alkalis


Q6: The following are examples of  inflammations except


a-      Hepatitis

b-     Appendicitis

c-      Leukemia



Q7: Cells can be classified according to division into continuously dividing , stable and:


a-      Singular

b-     Multiple

c-      Permanent







Q8: Wound healing goes through different stage including homeostasis, inflammation proliferation and:


a-      migration

b-     remodeling

c-      transfusion


Q9: the types of wound healing include healing by first intention and:


a-      complex healing

b-     healing by second intention

c-      non of the above



Q10: Complication of healing include hypertrophic scar and:


a-      kiloid scar

b-     circular scar

c-      watery  scar




Answer in short notes or enumeration to three of the following :


1- Describe the difference between exudates and transudate


2- Enumerate the types of exudates


3- Enumerate the cardinal signs of inflammation


4- Describe the two kinds of acute inflammation



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