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Curriculum Vitae

Khider M. Al-Shibani



Universities  Attended:                  

1.     The University of Kent at Canterbury,  (England).

(1966 – 1969), B.Sc.  (Physics).

2.  The University of Sussex, (England).

(1969 – 1971), M.Sc.  ( Fluid & Solid State Physics)

3.    The University of Sussex, (England).

(1972 – 1977), Ph.D.  (Low Temperature Physics & Quantum Fluids)


Professional Experience & Activities:

- Lecturer at King Saud University. (1971 – 1972).

- Assistant Professor at King Saud University since 1977.

- Part-time lecturer at King Abdul-Aziz Military Academy.  (1971 – 1972),(1977 – 1978).

- Chairman of the Physics Department at King Saud University. (1983 – 1984).

- Member of the Editorial Board of Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific   Research. (1983 – 1984).

- Deputy Educational Attache` in the Saudi Embassy in Britain, and later Academic Attache` in Britain. (1984 – 1987).

- Member of "The Administrative Founding Committee of King Fahad  Academy" in London. (1985 – 1986).

-  Chairman of "Renewable Energy and Environment Research Group" in the    Physics Department. (1997 – till now).

-  Served on various committees at university, college and departmental levels in King Saud University.

- Part – time consultant to "King Abdul Aziz City for Science and   Technology" (KACST).(2003 - to date)

- Member of the "Organizing Committee" of the Forum held by "King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology" (KACST) on 2.5.2006 under the title "Towards A National Strategy for The Popularization of Science".

- A regular contributor to the Saudi journalistic scene since 1965. Currently a Weekly column is published in a Saudi daily newspaper (Almadina). The published articles deal with a host of educational, scientific, social and political issues.

- Prepared and presented a television program titled “Scientific Axes”. The program aimed at promoting understanding of major scientific issues and   concepts among the general public. Nine episodes of the program were broadcast on The Saudi TV Channel 1 during the period (2001-2002).                                                                                                                                                                                               


Published Books:

1)  Khider M.Alshibani

       “The Conscience, Assassinated”. (In Arabic)   (A collection of selected articles written by the author and published in The Saudi press).                                                                       

   Publisher: Al-Qamoos Publishing House, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (1985)

   2)  Khider M. Alshibani

            “Physics for The Arts-Oriented” (In Arabic)  

             (Principles and concepts in Physics simplified for the non-specialist) 

             Publisher: Al-Saudia Publishing House, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (1996)

        3)  F.G.Awadh, K.M.Alshibani, A.M.Haseeb

“Principles of Solid State Physics” (In Arabic)

 Publisher: King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (1992)

        4)  F.G.Awadh, K.M.Alshibani, A.M.Haseeb

“Applications of Solid State Physics” (In Arabic)

      Publisher: King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (1992)

5)    K.M.Alshibani & O.A.Elani

"University Physics: Mechanics, Mechanical Properties of Matter & Heat". (In Arabic)

Publisher: Alkhraiji  Publishing House, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (2003)




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