King  Saud University
Curriculum Vitae


General Data:

Name: Yousef A. Alkhamees

Present Rank: Professor

Department: Mathematics



King Saud University, Mathematics, B.Sc. (Excellent with distinction), 1971

Reading University (U.K.), Mathematics, M.Sc., 1974

Reading University (U.K.), Mathematics, Ph.D., 1977



 Professor, King Saud University, 1996- present

Associate Professor, King Saud University, 1981-1996

Assistant Professor, King Saud University, 1977-1981


Administrative Assignments: (in Descending Order)

1- Chairman of Mathematics Department, King Saud University 1979-1981 & 1998-2000.

2- Deputy director of the Central Department of Statistics and National Computer Center, (on leave from the University), 1983-1986.

3- Vice Dean of the Faculty of Higher Studies, King Saud University, Oct 1982- Oct 1983.


Research Publications:   

1-     Yousef Alkhamees, Sami Alabiad, Constacyclic cods of length ps over finite chain ring of characteristic p, submitted for publication.
2-     Adel Alhamadi and  Yousef Alkhamees, S.K. Jain,  Perfect  Semi-ring  of Nonnegative Matrices, Combinatorial  Matrix Theory and Generalized Inverses of Matrices, pp. 177-182, 2013.
3-     Adel Alahmadi, Yousef Alkhamees, S.K. Jain, Monotoncity of Nonnegative Matrices. Accepted, Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Vol. 60. No. 7, pp. 855-864, 2012.
4-     Adel N. Alahmadi, Y. Alkhamees, S.K. Jain, On Semigroups and Semirings of Nonnegative Matrices. Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Vol. 60. No. 5, pp. 595-598, 2012.
5-     Surjeet Singh  and Y. Alkhamees, Automorphisms of a chain ring, Annali di Mathematica Pura ed Applicata, Vol. 186, No. 2, pp.289-301, 2007.
6-     Y. Alkhamees, Hanan Alolayan, Surjeet Singh, A representation theorem for chain rings, Colloq. Math., Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsow, Vol. 96, No. 1, pp. 103-119, 2003.
7-     Surjeet Singh  and Y. Alkhamees, Socle Series of a commutative artinian ring, Taiwaniese Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 6, No 2 (June 2002) pp. 247-259.
8-     Y. Alkhamees and Surjeet Singh, Inertial subrings of a locally finite algebra, Colloq. Math., Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsow, Vol. 92, No. 1, (2002) 35-42.
9-     Y. Alkhamees and J.N. Mordeson, Reduced fields, Primitive fields and Fuzzy Galois Theory, The Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics Vol.8, No.1, 2000.
10- Y. Alkhamees, Fuzzy Chain subrings and their fuzzy direct sum, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 109 (1999) 101-106.
11- Y. Alkhamees, Direct product of fuzzy subgroups of subgroups, J. of Fuzzy Mathematics Vol. 6, No. 1 (1998). 1-12 .
12- Y. Alkhamees and J. N. Mordeson, Local examination of fuzzy intersection equations, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 98 (1998), 249-254.
13- Y. Alkhamees and J. N. Mordeson, Fuzzy principal ideals and fuzzy simple field extensions, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 96 (1998) 247-253.
14- Y. Alkhamees and J. N. Mordeson, Fuzzy localized subrings, Inf. Sci. 99, 183-193 (1997).
15- Y. Alkhamees, The enumeration of finite chain rings, PanAmerican Math. J. 5, Number 4 (1995),75-81.
16- Y. Alkhamess, Fuzzy cyclic subgroups and fuzzy cyclic p-subgroups, J. Fuzzy Mathematics vol.3, No 4(1995),911-912.
17- Y. Alkhamees. Finite completely primary rings in which the product of any two zero divisors of a ring is in its coefficient subring. Internat.J. Math. & Math. Sci. Vol. 17 No.3 (1994) 463- 468.
18- Y. Alkhamees, The determination of the group of automorphisms of a certain finite local ring. PanAmerican Math. J. 4 (1994), Number 1, 45-53.
19- Y. Alkhamess, The determination of the group of automorphisms of a finite chain ring of characteristic p. Quart. J.Math. Oxford (2), 42, (1991), 387- 391.
20- Y. Alkhamees, Finite almost chain rings. Math. Japanica 36, No. 5, (1991), 883-890.
21- Y. Alkhamees, The groups of automorphisms of finite chain rings. Arab Gulf J. Scient. Res. 8(3), (1990), 17-28.
22- Y. Alkhamees, On the structure of finite completely primary rings, J. Coll. Sci. King Saud Univ. 13(1). (1982), 149-153.
23- Y. Alkhamees, Finite rings in which the multiplication of any two zero divisors is zero, Arch. Math. 37, (1981), 144-149.
24- Y. Alkhamees, The enumeration of finite principal completely primary rings, Abhandlungen Math. Sem. Univ. Hamburg, 51, (1981), 226-231.
25- Y. Alkhamees, Near Galois rings, Proceeding of the Conference on Algebra and Geometry, Kuwait, Feb. 8-12. (1981). 1-6.
26- Y. Alkhamees, The intersection of distinct Galois subrings is not necessarily Galois, Compositio. Math 40:3 (1980), 283-286.


Refereed Academic Books:

1- Introduction to Differential Calculus, text book in Arabic,

Coauthored With S. Sanosi, K. Alhadi and S. Samhan,  , Second edition 2005.

2- Introduction to Rings Theory & Field Extensions, text book in Arabic, Second edition 2005.

The Publisher: King Saud University.

3- Rings, Modules & Linear Algebra, co translated with A. Sharari in to Arabic

Authors: B. Hartley & T. O. Hawkes.

The Publisher: Champan & Hall, First edition 1970.

The Publisher of  Arabic Edition: King Saud University, 1999.

4- The Editor of  the “Proceeding of  the First International Conference on Mathematics in the Gulf Area” October 1984. I was the organizer of this conference. The invited speakers included the following prominent mathematicians:

Prof. M. F. Atiyah,

Prof. J. Diedonne,

Prof. S. Maclane.


Doctoral Thesis Directed:

H. A .Al-Olayan, The Structure Of Chain Rings, KSU, 2001


Master Dissertation Directed:

B .S .Alabdi, On Artinian rings in which The multiplicution of any two non-units is zero, KSU, 2006

Currently  I am supervising M.Sc. student "Areej Alabduljabbar"


1- Managing editor of the “Arab Gulf Journal Of Scientific Research” which is published by the Arab Bureau Of Education For The Gulf States

 during the years 1987,1994,1995 and member of its editorial board since its establishment 1982 to 1986, 1988- 1993 and 1994 till its transfer to the university of Bahrain at 2001.

 2- Member of the editorial board of  “East - West  Journal Of  Mathematics” since 1998 to date which is published in Bangkok, Thailand.

3- Member of the editorial board of  “Arab Journal Of Mathematical Sciences” which is published by the Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences since its establishment 1996 to date.

4- Member of the editorial board of  “King Saud University Journal  (Science) 1992-1996.

5- Referee for the Journal “ Fuzzy Sets and Systems”, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

 6- Referee for “ DIRASAT ” Journal of Pure & Applied Science, published by the Jordan University, Amman, Jordan.

7- Referee for “ Risalat Ul-Khahleej Al-Arabi ” a quarterly journal published by the Arab Bureau Of Education For The Gulf States.


Academic Institutions:

I worked as a referee for the followings Institutions:

1-     Scientific Council, King Saud  University

2-     Scientific Council, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

3-     Scientific Council, Um AlQuara University, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

4- Scientific Council, King Faisal  University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

5-Scientific Council, Riyadh University For Girls, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

6-King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

7- Jordan University, Amman, Jordan

8- AL al-Bayt University, Mafraq, Jordan

9- Member of the Committee for selecting candidate( Ph.D. holders) with best research for Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science award for the years 1989 and 1996,1999,2006, 2010, Kuwait.


Other Academic Consultations:


1-    Member of the evalution committee for the academic programmes at the university formed by the Vice director of  the University,2010. 

2-    Member of the committee formed by the director of  the University   to establish a Bachelor program in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, 2007.

3- The coordinator of the central assessment committee for the faculty formed by the faculty council during the year2007.

4- Member of Committee for planning scientific projects to the Arab Bureau of Education for Gulf States for the periods 1980-1982 and 1995-1997.

5- Member of  the committee for constituting the regulations for selecting the research work for "The best research award" in GCC States (1995).

6- Member of the Scientific committee for the  Arab Bureau of Education for Gulf  States award for the best students in Mathematics in the GCC States which held in Abu Dhabi, UAE at 1995.

7- Member of the committee for arranging competitions to select talented students in Mathematics in the GCC States under Arab Bureau of Education for Gulf States (1994).

8- Member of the committee formed by college of science council of King Saud University (KSU), Riyadh, S.A. for setting up a criteria for Ph.D. admissions and comprehensive examination for all departments in the College (1991).

9- Member of the committee formed by college of science council (KSU) for scrutinizing the Academic programmes of all the Departments in the College (1988­1-989).

10- Member of the National Advisory Committee for School   Mathematics for the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia. (1979­-1986).

11- Member of the committee for assessing and designing  programmes of  the Institute of General Management, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (1986).

12-ordinator of the committee for assessing and designing the B.c. programme and designing the M. Sc. programme run by Women's College of Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1984.

13- Coordinator of the Academic committee in Faculty of Higher Studies, (KSU), Riyadh, S.A. (1983), and member of other several committees formed by the college council.



1-  Member of  the Scientific Council of King Saud University for the years 2002-2006.

2- Member of the College of Science council for the years 1978-1980,1992 and 2002- 2006.

3- Member of the board of directors of Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic countries, Ankra,Turkey, for the years 1984, 1985, 1986.

4- Member of the Faculty of Higher Studies Council, 1983.

List of Courses Taught:

B.Sc. Courses:

MATH 101   Introduction to Differential Calculus

MATH 103

MATH 131   Foundations of Mathematics

MATH 242   Linear Algebra

MATH 244   Linear Algebra for Non-Mathematicians

MATH 342   Groups Theory

MATH 344…Rings Theory

MATH 499…Research Project

M.Sc. Courses:

MATH 543   Galois Theory

MATH 544   Rings Theory (I)

MATH 545   Representation Theory of Finite Groups

MATH 547   Commutative Algebra

MATH 590   Selected Topics in Algebra

Ph.D. Courses:

MATH 642   Rings Theory (II)

MATH 690   Advance Topics in Mathematics