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أسئلة شائعة



Current position:
Lecturer in Computer Education (Computer Education). Section curricula and teaching methods, Faculty of Education, King Saud University.

-- Students in the Ph.D. program in curriculum and teaching methods general Faculty of Education (KSU) (doctoral thesis entitled: the impact of a proposed training program to prepare students of the College of Education at the University of King Saud to integrate technical education standards according to the International Society for Technology in Education ISTE) (now) .
-- Master of educational administration and supervision of education (master's thesis was entitled: applications of computers in school management in schools affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and Aviation), e 1419.
-- Bachelor of Computer - College of Education, (KSU), 1410 e

Professional experience:
E 1421 - currently records curricula and teaching methods computer. Section curricula and teaching methods, Faculty of Education, King Saud University.
1411-1420 e Material Computer teacher in the secondary stage - The Ministry of Defence and Aviation

Research interests:
-- The integration of technical education
-- Problems of teaching computer and information technology.
-- Teaching methods using computers and information and communication technology (ICT).
-- Teacher preparation and computer information technology.
-- Preparing technically called the College of Education (according to global standards)

Training courses and lectures:
-- Computer Applications in education, workshops provided for faculty members at the Faculty of Education academic chapters in 1424 e)
-- Uses of computers in education (courses for managers of primary schools, middle and secondary) in 1425 from e until the present time.


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