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Curriculum Vitae

*Name: Najla .A.A.AL-Swail

*Year of  Birth:1972

*Place of Birth: Riyadh

*Nationality: Saudi

*Gender: Female

*Occupation: Assistant Professor, Department

Of Psychology, King Saud University.*E-Mail Address :abna_swail


*Graduated from college of education , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (P,H,D in Psychological  Philosophy) 2006

   *Graduated from King saud University , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Master Degree    in Psychology)1994

*Graduated from King saud University , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , BA in clinical    Psychology 1991      

Work  Experiance 

*Lecturer, Department of psychology ,King Saud University,2000.

*Assistant Professor, Department of psychology, King Saud University 2006.

*Weekly article writer in Al- Eqtisadiah daily newspaper.

*Former article writer in Al- jazeerah daily newspaper

*Teacher of Psychology in Riyadh school.

*Teacher of Psychology in Islamic Education.

*Psychologest in Riyadh school.

*To hold two seminar in Riyadh school .

.*Publisher of some books as Poetry and adolescence book

*Radio programs activities .

* Interviews in many Arabic & Local newspapers.

*Classified as one of Saudi Poetry Enclopedia.

Research  Achievement  

* Master Research in field of (The burnout among    high school teachers)

*P.H.D. Research in field of (Psychology communication among Adolescence)

Subjects taught for semester (1) 2007 – 2008

*(470 Psc)  Behaviorism Disorders                    

 *(379 Psc) Counseling & Vocational Counseling

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