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Effectiveness of Whirlpool Therapy in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy



Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a common complication of diabetes mellitus. DPN has been reported to reduce nerve conduction velocity and cause standing balance disturbance. Standing balance and posture depend on coordinated integration of sensory input from vestibular receptors, visual system and somatosensory information from extremities, trunk and neck.

Objective: The present study aimed to determine the effect of whirlpool application on peripheral nerve function and standing balance in patients with DPN.

Patients and method: this study included fourty three patients with controlled type 2 of DM, 17 males and 26 females. Patients were randomly identified and allocated into either experimental or control group. The experimental group included 26 patients (11 males and 15 females) with mean age 47.05 ± 4.37 years. The control group included 17 patients,(6 males and 11 females) with mean age 47.80 ± 5.66 years. The control group received no management program. In contrary, the experimental group received two management programs, short and long management program. The short term management program included one session of 15 minutes of whirlpool therapy whereas the long term included, 15 minutes of whirlpool therapy three sessions a week for four weeks. In both short and long terms management programs, the patient was asked to sit on a comfortable chair, to place and relax his/her feet on the floor of the whirlpool tank with 39 degree centigrade of warm water agitating in whirlpool tank. M- wave of extensor digitorum brevies(MWEDBM) and dynamic standing balance were recorded to assess the efficacy of the used management programs.      

Results: this study showed that both the latency and amplitude of MWEDBM of the control group were significantly improved after short and long term management program. It also showed that the dynamic standing balance represented were significantly different in the control group. In contrary  Sensory organization test were significantly improved in experimental group.

Conclusion: Whirlpool management program can be used as a non pharmacological agent, to improve nerve conduction velocity and dynamic standing balance disturbance in patients with DPN.

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