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PED 473:

Summary of course contents 

The students spend 12 weeks in the department of pediatrics. This constitutes their entire pediatric training.

The Rotation of this course is throughout the academic year between male and female students as follows (male/male/female) each one will spend 12 weeks in the pediatrics departments so the total is 36 weeks per academic years


1.     Course Objectives:

General: To graduate physician who:


A.    Is aware of the personal qualities and attitude required by a physician caring for children and their families e.g. empathy, concern, genteelness etc.

B.   Has acquired adequate basic knowledge and skills in pediatrics which enable him/her to proceed into subsequent general practice, especially training or research activities.


Specific: At the end of the course the student is expected to:


A.   Perform, record and interpret a full pediatric history

B.   Carry out, record and interpret a complete physical examination in all pediatric age groups

C.   Identify and solve common clinical problems in pediatrics by providing a provisional diagnosis and appropriate diffrential diagnosis.

D.   Recognize emergency pediatrics situations and able to outline an appropriate plan of action

E.   Outline a general plan of investigations and managements of common pediatric problems as they relate to Saudi Arabia.

F.   Demonstrates knowledge of community problems related to Saudi child health

G.  Interact with children and their patents or caregivers in gentle, empathic and appropriate manner. 

Instructional strategies: 

A.   Didactic teaching: lectures and seminars

Developments, growth and Behavior in pediatrics




Metabolic disorders


Respiratory Diseases in pediatrics

                   Bronchial asthma

                   Cough (as tutorial)

                   Cystic Fibrosis

                   Pulmonary T.B



                   Bronchiolitis (RSV,etc)


                  Congenital lung anomalies ( CLE, CCAM,TEF)

Allergy and immunology

Rheumatic and autoimmune disorders

Infectious Diseases

Gastroenterology and hepatology

Congenital and acquired heart diseases

Hematology and oncology


Fluid and electrolytes


Endocrine disorders


Pediatric surgery

Pediatric common emergency

Pediatric common poisoning



B.   Clinical Teaching


Format teaching

During the first week of clinical teaching, 7 sessions are spent in demonstration of pediatric history taking and physical examination of different system. During the subsequent week, 3 bedside teaching session are conducted by a teaching staff each week

  wards/block clinical rotations as per attached file.


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