Dr. Abdulaziz N. Alagaili

Nationality: Saudi

Date of Birth: March 31, 1976

Field of Research: Mammalogy

Office 2B 134  Zoology Department.

Tel: 4670352



Zoology Department, College of Sciences, King Saud University 

P.O. Box 2455

Riyadh 11451

Saudi Arabia



High School: Prince Abdullah High School, Dammam, Saudi Arabia (graduated 1994).

B.S. in Zoology from the College of Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (graduated 1998).

Master’s degree (M. Sc): Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA (December 2003).

PhD: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA (November 2007)


Position Held

1998-2000                    Teaching Assistant, Zoology Dept., College of Sciences, King Saud

                            University , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

May 2008-now   Assistant Professor, Zoology Department, College of Sciences, King

                            Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Research Interest

Mammology (species richness, distribution, conservation, population dynamics, etc.)

Parasitology “within mammals”.

Wildlife tracking.

Geographical Information System (GIS).

Remote Sensing.


Teaching Experience (2008 - Present)

Zool-101    General Zoology

Zool-326    Mammology

Zool-363    Terrestrial Ecology

Zool-454    Field research

Zool-480    Wildlife Conservation

Zool 499     Research in Zoology (graduation project)


Teaching Experience (1998 – 2000)

Zool-101    General Zoology (lab teaching)

Zool-326    Mammology (lab teaching)

Zool-454    Field course


Field Experience

August 1999                  teaching assistant: four weeks of a summer field course (Zool-454) in Abha city, western Saudi Arabia. King Saud University, Riyadh.


Summer 2000-2001       assisted a graduate student at the University of Arkansas and the U.S. Forest Service in conducting a survey of the distribution and abundance of bat taxa there netted over forest ponds (tow summer seasons).


Summer 2002                conducted the field work for my master’s thesis on bats evaluating the usefulness of the removal method in a robust design for estimating abundance of bats in Arkansas.


February 2005                joined Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to collect data for their annual deer season summary in Columbus, Arkansas.


May 05- August 06        conducted the field work for my PhD on bats from Unizah region, Saudi Arabia.



Conferences Attended


* 8th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network, Starkville, MS. 2003.

* 13th Annual Meeting Colloquium on Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern United States, Starkville, MS. 2003.

* 33rd Annual North American Symposium on Bat Research, Lincoln, Nebraska. 2003.

* 87th Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 6-10, 2007.




4 papers submitted for publications.