101-102 Zool: Zoology

Dr. Abdulaziz N. Alagaili

Office 2B 134  Zoology Department.

Tel: 4670352



Office hours

Sun, Tue: 11:00 – 1:00

* You can reach me by dropping a letter in my mailbox at the Zoology Dept. Secretary office.


Course objectives

This course is the main base on which biology “specifically Zoology” relies. We aim to create a positive interaction between the instruction and the students. This can be done when student start thinking more that listening or writing.


Required Materials

Hickman et al. (2004) Integrated Principles of Zoology, 13th ed. Boston, McGraw-Hill.

General Zoology Laboratory Manual, 14th ed. Boston, McGraw-Hill.




Two lecture exams, two lab exams, and a final exam will evaluate the student progress throughout the course.


1st. exam         10 points

2nd exam         10 points

lab exam          30 points

final                 50 points    

total               100 points


Lab exam

1st exam      15 points

2nd exam     15 points

total            30 points



Based on your score, the final grade will be as follows:


A+ ≥ 95        A ≥ 90

B+ ≥ 85        B ≥ 80

C+ ≥ 75        C ≥ 70

D ≥ 60

F ≤ 59


Make Up Policy

No make up for final and lab exams. Otherwise, contact me in advance if you have dire circumstances.



  Week              Lecture subject                                       Lab subject                                                       


     1                   Introduction to Zoology                       Microscopy

     2                   Cell & Organ System of Animals        Animal Cells & Tissues

     3                   Cell Division $ Inheritance                  Mitosis & Meiosis

     4                   Preserving the Animal Kingdom         Animal Morphology 

     5                   The Protozoa                                        Protozoa

     6                   Porifera                                                 Porifera          

     7                   Platyhelmenthes                                   Platyhelmenthes       

     8                   Roundworms                                        Roundworms

     9                   Mollusca                                               Mollusca

   10                   Annelida                                               Annelida

   11                   Arthropoda                                           Arthropoda

   12                   Vertebrates                                           Frog Anatomy

   13                   Nervous & Circulation Systems           Frog Anatomy

   14                   Nutrition & Digestion                          Frog Anatomy

   15                   Embryology                                          Frog Anatomy

   16                   Animal Behavior                                  Frog Anatomy