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M.B., B.Ch,


Assistant  Professor

King Saud Univ. Fellowship

Consultant  of Anaesthesia &I CU 

Pain Management

Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University and King Khalid University Hospital



SURNAME                             :  AL-DAMMAS

FULL NAME                        :   FATMA  KHAMIS

DATE OF BIRTH                  :  17 July 1974

PLACE OF BIRTH                :  Riyadh

NATIONALITY                     :  Saudi

MARITAL STATUS             :  Married, with 5 children                    

CURRENT ADDRESS          :  P.O Box 93118

    Riyadh 11673

   Saudi Arabia


TELEPHONE:                       +966-1-270-0694         +966-1-4653741     (Home)

Fax                                       +966-1-241-3831

Mobile                                    +966-55474510            +966-505279474




·  Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, King Saud University ,

Oct. 1997

·  Saudi Board in  Anesthesia & Intensive care, 1st part, 2001

·  Arab Board in Anesthesia & Intensive care, Nov. 2002

·  King Saud Fellowship in anesthesia & intensive care, Dec. 2002

·  King FASIAL Subspecialty Fellowship in Pain management 2006 



2006 TO DATE





October 2002 to date 2006



King Khalid Univ. Hospital (KKUH) in Riyadh

K.K.U.H. has a capacity of more than 700 beds, 16 theaters, 10 beds in Surgical ICU, 6 beds in Medical ICU, 6 beds in CCU, 12 beds in Paed. ICU and 12 beds in Neonatal ICU.

Duties: involve the provision of emergency and elective anaesthetic care for most of the surgical specialities including general surgery, urology, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, E.N.T., plastic, dental, E.S.W.L & E.C.T.

Most major fields are represented with addition of neuro, vascular, thoracic and cardiac anaesthesia

As a second on call, I am covering three areas (SICU, Surgical emergencies & maternity). The S.I.C.U. is covered by anesthetists, and it is well equipped with ventilators, monitoring and measurement devices, fiberoptic bronchoscopes and it provides care in the perioperative period for patients with major surgery, critically ill patients and patients transferred from the A/E Dept. and between the different areas inside the hospital.

I have gained a wide experience in the intensive care management including invasive techniques like arterial, central venous, pulmonary artery (Swan Ganz) catheter insertion, dealing with different ventilator modalities & fiberoptic bronchoscopy.

I have a wide experience in applying regional analgesia for surgery and pain relief including spinal, epidural, caudal block, plexus block, and nerve block.


   October 1998 to October 2002.


     King Khalid Univ. Hospital (KKUH) in Riyadh

Duties: Involve the provision of emergency and elective Anaesthetic care for most Surgical specialties including Pediatric, Neuro, Vascular, Thoracic and Cardiac Anaesthesia.

I was also roistered to cover the eight bedded Surgical ICU as First on call, where patients admitted from theaters, surgical wards and from Emergency room.

As a member in the CPR team, I was involved in the Emergency Management of all Trauma Victims and cardiac arrests throughout the Hospital. Further care for ventilatory support extended on occasions to Medical and Cardiac ICU.


First year training program include:

-          Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unite for general surgery

-          Anesthesia for emergency surgery

-          Anesthesia in pediatric surgery

-          Anesthesia in emergency pediatric surgery

-          Recovery room training


Second year training program include:

-          Anesthesia for obstetric and gynecology surgery

-          Anesthesia for emergency obstetric surgery

-          Pediatric and neonate anesthesia

-          Eye anesthesia (King Abdulaziz Hospital)

-          Ear-nasal anesthesia (King Abdulaziz Hospital)

-          Orthodontic anesthesia


Third year training program include:

-          Vascular anesthesia

-          Neurosurgery anesthesia

-          Orthodontic anesthesia

-          Plastic anesthesia

-          Cardiac anesthesia

-          Intensive Care Unite, post surgical


Forth year training program include:

-          Surgical ICU first on call

-          Cardiac anesthesia at King Faisal University Hospital

-          Urology anesthesia

-          Neuro anesthesia

-          Dental & maxillo-facial surgery

-    Thoracic Care Unite, post surgical.




Oct. 1997 to Oct 1998

House Officer (Internship) at KKUH – King Khalid University Hospital


Three months medicine:

      Six weeks neurology in King Khalid University Hospital

      Six weeks MICU medical intensive care unites.


Three months surgery:

      Six weeks orthopedic

      Six weeks general surgery


Three months gynecology and obstetric medicine


Three months pediatric medicine

      Six weeks in Riyadh center hospital

      Six weeks in king Khalid University Hospital





·   Saudi Anaesthetic Association since 1999.

·   Saudi council for medical specialties.



Courses & Studies :



August 2003                      Contribution in education course 2003 in General anaesthesia for Saudi Board in oral & maxillofacial surgery.


24 April 2003                    Participate in the 3rd Annual Research Conference, presented variation in lung volume and dynamic compliance during endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy with CO2 insufflations.


2000 till present                 Participate in several basic and advance CPR courses.

                                          Contributed in training female medical students, surgery in anaesthesia department KKUH.

                                          Contributed in lectures, college of applied Medical Science female KKUH

                                          Contributed in lecture, Dental College KKUH      



     DR Ahmad Turkistani   

          Assist. Prof. of Anaesthetics, Cheif of Anaesthesia Dept.

          College of Medicine

          King  Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), King Saud University.


               P.O.Box  2925

               Riyadh , 11461


               Tel: 00966-1-4671597 (Office)

               Fax: 009661-4679364


     Prof. Abdulhamid SamarKandi (FFARCSI)

      Prof. of Anaesthetics, Anaesthesia Dept. College of Medicine and

            King    Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), King Saud University.


               P.O.Box  2925

               Riyadh , 11461


               Tel: 00966-1-4671597 (Office)



     Prof. Amir B. Channa  (FFARCSI)

Consultant Anaesthetist, Late Associate Professor , KKUH.

               30-Defense Officers Housing Society



               Tel: 00-221-782786

               Fax: 00-221-782850


       Dr. Abdullah AlGhamdi,MD

            Head ,pain section

            Department of Anesthesiology K.F.H&R.C


            Tel : 009661-4647272 EXT : 32721

             Fax : 009661- 4423909


Prof.  Mohammed A. Seraj  (FFARCSI)

Prof. of Anaesthetics, Ex-Cheif of Anaesthesia Dept. College of Medicine and King    Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), King Saud University.

   P.O.Box  7805 (41)

   Riyadh 11472


   Tel: 009661-4671596 (Office)

   Fax: 009661-5679364



     Dr. Salwa Al-Saud

         Anesthesia consultant, Department of anesthesia - college of medicine –

         King Saud University.                

               P.O.Box  2925

               Riyadh , 11461


               Tel: +966-1-4671599 (Office)






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